Wednesday 8 July 2009

Seven days - seven fatalities! . . . and this is just the UK!!

So - seven more men have died in Afghanistan in the last seven days fighting for a cause they may not believe in but have to engage in because they have 'signed up' and are 'following orders'.
Undoubtedly many more have been traumatised if not also actually physically injured. Our young service personnel are being exposed to huge dangers - and, as is the custom in the British Army, they are being led by their officers and their senior NCOs - and the costs are tremendous. The dead pose no problems other than immense grief - I can only imagine how raw their grieving can be - but the survivors present a tremendous puzzle. How can these maimed young men and women be absorbed into the care system?

The National Health Service does what it can in its overstretched way but the slack - the very large slack - is taken up by CHARITY. Help for Heroes is working hard to ensure that returning victims are given the best possible treatment.

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