Tuesday 9 November 2010

Cat quiz

Is your cat plotting to kill you?


  1. No, my cats only tried to kill birds, but they all were wearing a bell.They were always very sweet to me.

  2. No! Because I haven't got a cat.
    But it could be my dog!
    I'll keep an eye on her;o)

    À bientôt****

  3. Yes, my cat is trying to kill me by running through my legs and tripping me.

  4. Of course, aren't they all out to get us?

    To Reader Wil, I believe them being sweet to you is a warning sign. Watch your back!

  5. Don't have any cats now and the ones we had were mostly "pussy cats" if you see what I mean. Did have one though that cornered me one day, I think she was furious that I would not put down the food she would have preferred. It was quite scary actually! A x

  6. Ha, ha. I don't have a cat, but if I did, I would seriously suspect him of criminal mischief.

  7. My cats plot to kill me at a chance of 78 % ! So if I don't blog tomorrow ....

  8. About the only time my cat trys to kill me is when she decides to used my legs as a clawing post.

  9. LOL! I don't own a cat, but I must say, I don't trust them!

  10. No, cats are really such sweet critters! :)

  11. Oh No!
    Aunt Janice, what would we do without you!
    Should we come over and help save u, do u think?

    Thanks very much for coming over earlier to visit us.
    We are trying hard to adjust to our new life and learn Woof's routine.
    H is quite a pawfull, but an absolute sweetheart.

    How is Frodo? Is he done iwth taking his horrible meds?

    wags, Ginger & Buddy

  12. I don't have a cat, perhaps I should ask my neighbors if theirs are looking at them in a funny way :)


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