Sunday 14 November 2010

Today's Flowers #119

Thank you to the Today's Flowers team who host this lovely weekly meme. 
My son-in-law gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers last weekend.
There were yellow spray chrysanthemums . . .
. . . white chrysanths . . .
. . . chrysanthemums of a delicate pale greenish-yellow . . .
. . . white carnatians . . .
. . . white lisianthus . . . (at least I think it's lisianthus)
 .. . . pink hypericum berries (I think!) . . . 
. . . all set off with stiff green fan foliage - thank you, Paul :-)


  1. Carnation is always one of my favorite flower.

    Tiny Bloom

  2. How wonderful for you, Janice. Something lovely to photograph, so then it lasts forever!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. They are beautiful and such a wonderful splash of colour in these gloomy November days.

  4. Beautiful flowers. My favorite has always been Spider Mums.

  5. Gosh I am so envious, you take beautiful pictures.
    From the header down!

  6. Lovely flowers. I like the smell of chrysanthemums-not to obvious and perfumy, just really fresh and green smelling. Hope you have had a good weekend!

  7. What a thoughtful son-in-law you have! The chrysanthemums are gorgeous, as are the carnation and the hypericum berries. I've never seen pale greenish-yellow chrysanthemums before..very unusual!

  8. Those are gorgeous flowers you have here ! I can almost smell the carnations .. they are my favorite!
    No more flowers in my garden .. soon the snow will blanket it and I will have to keep looking at my pictures ..dreams of next Spring : )

  9. I love the shape of the pale green 'mum flowers!

  10. I think you are right. I was just researching St. John's Wart (Hypericum perforatum)and it does look like the berries.

  11. You have got a very interesting blog. I like the pictures.


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