Thursday 29 December 2011

The Eleventh Family Birthday of the Year

Bethan opening presents on her second birthday, helped by Sam
It is Bethan’s 30th birthday today and she is celebrating it in Bruges with her fiancĂ©.
With Barry, Sam and Daisy
Bethan was a shy little girl and softly spoken. Today she still has a quiet voice but she is confident and strong-minded. She needed to develop a sense of self quite early as she had not only two parents, but three teenage siblings who all wanted to guide and protect her.
As she has grown older the age differences have disappeared and now she is the confidante of her two elder sisters and a good friend to her brother. Her nieces and nephews love her and she knows just how to interact with them.
With Barry in Mumbles
As a girl she showed considerable musical ability and quickly learnt to play the violin and to enjoy singing with her school choirs. She has a natural charm and ease with people of all ages and a keen sense of humour – like her father and her siblings she is an excellent mimic.
With Susannah and Marnie, Buckinghamshire
Bethan is open-minded and fair, listening attentively to the arguments of others before stating her own opinion. From Barry she has inherited an analytical brain and like him she is left-handed – somehow the two are linked, at least in my mind.

She was the grandchild with whom my parents spent most time – a gift for my father who was away so much when his own children were growing up. They looked after her while I worked part-time - who better to care for her? - and from them she learnt patience and trust.

Happy Birthday, dear Bethan, and Many Happy Returns of the Day! J


  1. What a lovely and accomplished girl. Happy Birthday to her and may her wedding be blessed and joyful!

  2. A lovely post-happy birthday to Bethan!

  3. What a beautiful birthday post for your beautiful all grown up granddaughter. I am sure your grandchildren must really enjoy your write-ups!

  4. Happy Birthday to Bethan and may the new year bring her health, happiness and success.

  5. she's lovely
    a beautiful warm intelligent strong face
    Happy Birthday

  6. Thank you all - she's my youngest child and I have to be careful not to call her 'my baby' even in jest:-) Her sense of humour fails at that . . .

  7. A Happy Birthday to Bethan!
    She is a beautiful woman and sounds very talented.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

  8. Love how you describe your daughter ! She is a pretty girl ! Apparently she was a Christmas gift for you ! A happy belayed birthday to her !


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