Friday 9 December 2011

So why have I been conspicuous by my absence?

So why have I been conspicuous by my absence?

Well, first of all there was NaNoWriMo. My hairdresser was interested in it and my dentist offered to review the finished article.  I didn’t take him up on his offer.

Having achieved the magic number (and a little more) I floated around in a bit of a haze – that is to say, more of a haze than usual.  I had noticed a niggling ache in my shoulder for a couple of weeks but disregarded it until it became impossible to ignore because pain was radiating down my arm. I recognised that as referred pain.

If you remember, early in the year I was impersonating Long John Silver minus the parrot, crutch and peg leg. Looking at illustrations of LJS I notice that some show him with just a crutch and others with a crutch and wooden leg and yet more with a peg leg and no crutch. In some he is missing the left leg and in others it is the right leg that is no more.

I digress. At that time, in the dewy days of the New Year, the referred pain in my leg was comparable to that of sciatica.

Suffice it to say that the soreness in my arm was remarkably similar, waking me at night and making me prone to grizzling during the day – I say ‘prone to’ but I assure you I was a brave little soldier and didn’t yield to the temptation. For a few days I was to be seen with wires sprouting from my clothes as Compex (electrostimulation) alternating with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines did their damnedest to deaden the pain. On occasions I turned the levels up so high I was jumping like a frog in a dissection dish.

I tell you this, not to elicit sympathy but to explain why I was unable to dazzle you with my scintillating wit; quite why I need to explain this I have no idea for the said wit has never dazzled yet and is unlikely to do so in the future. (That’s a cheap play – or should it be ploy? – to make you gainsay me!) Using my arm was difficult and so I refrained from using my laptop. Also, I’d used up all my thoughts . . . J

Then Barry woke up with a spider in his eye – but that’s a different story.


  1. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Nothing like constant pain to make one irritable. I had a locked shoulder a few years ago and had to go for painful physical therapy. Oh my it was dreadful.
    Ploy worked, I enjoy your wit.

  2. Dr Doyle diagnosis is too much nano ... sorry

  3. If things are really bad, you are welcome to come and lie on my floor in the HDU and I will force-feed you 'recovery diet' and syringe water into your mouth. Doesn't appeal? I am surprised!

  4. First well done on the Noanowrimo!
    But oooh that sounds miserable, the pain that is, not the post :o)
    It really can get you down when you just can't get away from it :o( I had a steroid injection in my arm that really did the trick?
    I hope it gets better soon.
    And a spider in his eye! ... you have to tell us more :o)

  5. I don't care if it was a ploy, I'll gainsay you all to bits. I love your wit.
    I have a lot of referred pain with my fibromyalgia, so I know whereof you speak. Fortunately for me, I know it is "just pain" and not an injury. Unfortunately, I kept on working for five years before it got so bad I couldn't work all week at a keyboard any more.
    I am no longer a brave little soldier, and when I hurt particularly dreadfully, I grizzle like the bear of the same name.
    I hope you find out what is causing it. I hope it was "just" NaNoWriMo and nothing permanent.
    OMG, my verification word here is "hateddye" which makes me think of the test my ophthalmologist is doing on me in the hospital on Tuesday, injecting dye into my arm so he can see my left retina. I'm sure I'll hate it, but will try the brave soldier thing again. If it worked for five years while I worked, it should work on Tuesday.

  6. You always dazzle me! I'm sorry about your arm. I used to use the Tens thingy on my rotator cuff when I injured it. I think it does speed healing.

    Congrats on finishing the NaNo contest. I figured that is why you weren't writing on your blog much. Are you going to keep working on it and try to get it published? I hope you are completely well soon.

  7. @Linda - thank you:-)
    @Isabel - yes, it was, Doctor. Thank you for your kind offer but I'm sure you've got your hands full looking after the compound cats (that sounds vaguely mathematical!!)
    @Deborah - thank you. All (!!) I have to do now is edit - that is, rewrite - and I'm good to go;-)
    @Kay - I feel bad complaining about such a little thing when others like you have real health issues. Your arm seems a funny place to inject dye to see your retina - but what do I know? (Don't answer that!)I hope all goes well on Tuesday. I was having things done to my eyes last Thursday . . . not nice.
    @Belle - thank you. It's feeling better every day. Yes, I'm intending to work on the 'novel' and see what I can do with it.
    @Violet - aww, thank you:-)


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