Monday 17 July 2023




The latest post box topper depicts the beauties of the briny. From purple-haired sirens of the sea, to daring deep-sea divers, all ocean life is there. Sinuous seaweed, scuttling crabs, perfect prawns and more, much more, to tantalise the senses and fire the imagination.

The (school) summer holidays are nearly upon us (for some they have already commenced) and this cheerful little tableau sets the scene for rest, relaxation and rehabilitation.

*For the avoidance of doubt, Crowthorne is nowhere near the sea. 


  1. I have seen a few in Eastbourne last year, and found that so cute and funny !

  2. I wonder if you know who is responsible for the art?

    1. I don't - maybe one day someone will own up!

  3. This is just fantastic, Janice. But why oh why is it called Crowthorne-on-sea if it is nowhere near it? xxx

  4. Ann, it was just me being silly. It's just called Crowthorne, not Crowthorne-on-Sea - I'm sorry for confusing you. x x x


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