Monday 27 November 2023

27th November 2023


27th November 2023

November full moon, 2009

Every full moon has a special name, and many have more than one. Full moons always rise at sunset while new moons rise at sunrise.

November’s full moon rises on Monday 27th November. This moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon, as is October’s full moon. It is also called the Freezing Moon or the Frosty Moon, fittingly for a month in which toe and nose-nipping frosts can be expected.

Another name for it is the Beaver Moon, less appropriately in UK. The Beaver Moon is named for the time of year when beavers start sheltering in their lodges, having stocked their larders to feed themselves through the winter. They do not hibernate.

 Although beavers have been reintroduced to areas of the country after 400 years of extinction, they are only free-ranging in a few localities, the rest being kept in large fenced and protected areas. It is possible to see beavers in guided tours in the Scottish Highlands and other areas of Scotland or Cornwall, usually as part of a guided tour.

Full Moon  

One night as Dick lay fast asleep,

Into his drowsy eyes

A great still light began to creep

From out the silent skies.

It was the lovely moon’s, for when

He raised his drowsy head,

Her surge of silver filled the pane

And streamed across his bed.

So, for a while, each gazed at each –

Dick and the solemn moon –

Till, climbing slowly on her way,

She vanished, and was gone.

                                                                 Walter de la Mare 1873 - 1956

Walter de la Mare is best remembered for writing children's poems, though the majority of his work consisted of psychological horror stories.

He wrote another poem about the moon, ‘Silver’. I remember learning this one at school.


Slowly, silently, now the moon

Walks the night in her silver shoon;

This way, and that, she peers, and sees

Silver fruit upon silver trees;

One by one the casements catch

Her beams beneath the silvery thatch;

Couched in his kennel, like a log,

With paws of silver sleeps the dog;

From their shadowy cote the white breasts peep

Of doves in a silver-feathered sleep;

A harvest mouse goes scampering by,

With silver claws and a silver eye;

And moveless fish in the water gleam,

By silver reeds in a silver stream,.


Today is also my son’s birthday. He was blessed – or cursed – with three sisters, one older, two younger, and learnt early how to deal with feminine wiles and inconsistencies. He grew into a patient and empathetic man to whom children are drawn. He is fun but firm - children always listen to him, respect him and do not cross the invisible line.

Gareth, left, with big sister Gillian, 1972

 Now he has two sons and a daughter of his own. 

(It is also my niece's birthday and she likes to remind me that Jimi Hendrix was born on this day.)


  1. The poems are lovely, I like the sight of a full moon too, but rarely get to see one since it is too late to venture out by the time the moon is high enough to see over all the trees and buildings around here.
    Happy Birthdays to those who have them. My sons grew up with sisters also.

    1. Trees and buildings do obstruct the view, don't they?

  2. Gail also learned Walter de la Mare's evocative silver moon poem at school, but did not know he also wrote horror stories!
    Happy birthday to your son. I love the 1972 picture.
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. I wonder how de la Mare felt about being better recognised for his children's poetry - much as A.A. Milne felt, I guess.

  3. Thank you for sharing those fine poems. I dearly love the moon and we are having a grand show of it tonight on the coast of Northern California. Your children are lovely and I like your description of grown-up Gareth. A happy day for your son and niece.

    1. The moon's path across the sea - wonderful.

  4. There's a good photo of a beaver lodge on Sharon's post (My New life in the country blog). And a week or so ago she had photos of the trees as they start to fell them. I think there would soon be no trees left if they were let loose to roam here!
    Good poetry - poetry for children says everything without faffing about!

    1. I shall have a look at that post - thank you.

    2. I've looked and I can't track down that post . . .

    3. Just made one last effort and found it. Thank you, Sue.

  5. I shall look out for the full moon this evening if it is a clear sky. Thank you for the lovely moon poems.
    Birthday wishes to your son and niece.
    I missed Stir up Sunday yesterday so one way or another Christmas pudding needs to be on my 'to do' list this week. Have a good week x

    1. I hope we will have a clear sky tonight though we're forecast rain, so it doesn't look hopeful.

  6. Two lovely poems... and two beautiful children. You are blessed indeed!

  7. Hope all the family members have nice birthday celebrations. Our full moon was hidden by thick rain clouds and now we are below freezing temps again today. Our beavers have made a comeback after being killed off in the "top hat" stage of our country's making. We have enough even in Ohio for there to be limited trapping in the winter only.

  8. Forgive my ignorance but what was the 'top hat' stage? Bureaucracy gone mad, perhaps?

    1. 1800's men's beaver felt tall top hats, also called "stove pipe" hats.

  9. Happy Birthday to your son.
    I had no idea beavers were so rare in the UK.

  10. Beavers were hunted to extinction in the 16th century. They were killed for their fur and meat and also for the secretion castoreum, which was used in perfumes, medicine and food.

  11. I absolutely love the different names of the full moons, which adds to the magic which surrounds them.
    Beavers have recently been sighted again here in Belgium. In fact, one of our favourite paths in a nature reserve we often walk in was permanently closed a couple of years ago to protect the family of beavers who had taken up residence here.
    Thank you for sharing these two beautiful poems, Janice. And oh, a happy birthday to your son! xxx

  12. I envy you the opportunity to see wild beavers - how wonderful. Of course, I know a sighting isn't guaranteed, but still, the chance that you might is lovely. x x x


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