Monday, 18 May 2009

Camera Critters

Jenna-the-Labrador launches!

Surfacing and striking out . . .

Bit shallower here - hidden logs!

Surging forward . . .

Can you tell how fast I'm swimming?

Just got to get past the tree . . . that might puzzle the boys . . . how to pee in a pond!
Nearly there . . .
Got it!
Creating a bow wave and a wake

Still paddling hard

About to pass Frodo the Faller. He chases biscuits but I retrieve balls.

This is a typical outing with our dogs. (I don't know why some of the photos have uploaded to look so dark - it was actually daylight!!) We've grown to find the smell of damp dog quite alluring.
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  1. Great action photos of the dogs - looks like they are having fun in the water.

  2. Like your lilac composition below - and also this fun series. But how you did you manage to get used to the smell of wet dog?

  3. Great shots, it looks like Jenna loves the water.

  4. Fantastic shots! Looks like Jenna is in her element.

  5. I almost can feel it how he enjoys his swimming ! I wished I could swim like him, I swim like an old grandma, my head over water, lol !


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