Wednesday 6 May 2009

A stroll in the forest (a walk in the park)

I'm not enamoured of formal physical training; push-ups (bras?), pull-ups (training pants?),
aerobic exercise (makes you breathe heavily?), anaerobic exercise (lifting weights?) so my chosen form of exercise is walking, usually with a few dogs. One dog is now suffering hind-end weakness and needs support – generally this is provided by her 'Doggon Wheels' but today I opted to take all the dogs out on my own and decided not to use the wheels. The following thirty minutes gave me plenty of exercise and I believe I was actually weight-training. Gentle Dominie is a big, strong Dalmatian and while her front legs work well and she tries very hard to keep going, her hind legs simply let her down, poor girl, and the weight drops down usually onto her wheels but today onto my arm. I was throwing a ball for Jenna-the-Labrador and was also alert to the necessity to leash Buddy Liver Spots, who can't see well, and Frodo the Faller who thinks every dog or person to whom he has not been personally introduced might be a threat to life and liberty, particularly mine as he is my Velcro dog. It was an interesting outing, exercising not only body but mind, eyes, ears too.

I love my life.

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