Sunday 24 May 2009

Today's Flowers - May 2009

Growing in my garden, Aquilegia (Columbine, Granny's Bonnet) 'Nora Barlow'

This Aquilegia is named after Emma Nora Barlow, the granddaughter of Charles Darwin. She edited and published examples of her grandfather's work which had previously been unseen.

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Thank you to the Today's Flowers team,Luiz Santilli Jr., Denise Gullickson, Laerte Pupo, Denise BC


  1. Magnificent blossom beautifully captured & shared. I love the delicate colors ;--)
    I shared flowers at Sacred Ruminations.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Very interesting to know about the history of the flower. Happy birthday to your daughter too. Crocheting is a good therapy for me. And fun to!

  3. I like the color.I have never seen.

  4. beautiful shots. My mom always loved columbine flowers. I have a hard time getting them to grow though. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. Very vibrant color on this flower! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. A beautiful pink Aquilegia.

  7. Nice shot up close! I always hear about that flower but I'm sure it thrives in colder temps..Have a wonderful weekend-

  8. beautiful flowers. i love the purple color.


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