Thursday 7 May 2009

The Endless Saga of the Endless Pool – cladding, liner, water!

Barry has taken hundreds of photographs for P to put in his portfolio. Building it has added yet another string to P's bow. He is an excellent workman and has a superb eye for design and detail. He also has very practical ideas for making life easier. For example, knowing that they would soon be fitting the liner he suggested raising the temperature to ease out the folds in the thick vinyl and make it easier to handle. Consequently the house has been extremely warm today since the dining room has been the storage area for the liner and various other components.

exterior cladding

Since he and J arrived they have smoothed the concrete, installed further insulation, added cladding, placed the underlay and fitted the liner. Water was introduced and within an hour had filled the deepest part of the pool to within two inches of the top.

The retractable cover and corner of the pool
The deeper section for water-running and aquarobics

How long will it take to fill?

Reflecting on progress thus far . . .
Soon we shall be swimming!

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