Saturday 22 January 2011

Gus and the airer

Gus has a very long tongue and it seems to lengthen when he's excited - or apprehensive.
It’s easy to forget how young Gus is – just 16 months old. He’s a very exuberant pup and gives the impression that nothing fazes him, apart from the vacuum cleaner. He’s a bold and fearless guard dog, though we know that should any stranger come through the door, Gus would greet him with open paws rather than slavering jaws.
The infamous airer! Gus was convinced it was waiting to pounce.
So it came as a surprise today when the clothes airer spooked him. I have a backlog of washing to dry so decided to supplement the tumble dryer with the airer. There is absolutely no point in hanging the washing in the garden – it wouldn’t dry and would probably be brought in wetter than it went out. The solution Barry found last year in 2009 was hailed with much rejoicing but turned out to be less than satisfactory (slight understatement there!) 

As a refuge for the smaller forms of flying wildlife it was unsurpassed. It was almost a case of standing room only. Much as I admire and am interested in winged beasties, I have no desire to get up close and personal with them, but was forced to confront them as I wrestled the washing from the rotary dryer. Lifting the skirts of the cover to gain access to the laundry was difficult if even a slight breeze was blowing. Eventually, a stronger than usual wind happened along and tore the whirligig from its moorings. So now I have reverted to a naked carousel which is used only when rain isn’t falling.

Today, however, was not such a day. The ground is soggy, the dogs’ paws dig deep; consequently, things with which they come into contact when they come home – mats, chair covers, dog bedding – are soon rejoicing in a new guise, the ‘clean dirt’ look. Mud is ‘clean dirt’ – I leave you to imagine what might be classed as ‘dirty dirt’.

If damp items lie sullenly in laundry baskets too long, anticipating their turn in the drying machine, they sometimes rebel and develop an unwholesome odour. Then they have to be washed again because musty linen smells most unpleasant. Thus the task sometimes seems endless. I do occasionally complete all the washing so that none is left sadly awaiting its moment in the spotlight, its fifteen minutes of fame (actually, that should read ‘its moments in the washing machine, its anything from forty-five to ninety minutes of attention’)  
Gus relaxing during Frodo's ministrations
Anyway, as I was saying, Gus was frightened when the clothes airer appeared. No, it didn’t come stumbling out from the cupboard unaided but had to be wrenched from its lair under the stairs. It’s a harmless piece of equipment but Gus didn’t know that and had to be comforted by Frodo.

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  1. Awww.. dog kissing dog: so delightful!

  2. How sweet! Very nice capture!

    My Camera Critter post, have a good weekend!

  3. As a fellow dog owner (1 3yo Scottie & a 16 yo Shepherd mix) I can attest to the foibles of what thing spook dogs..... the vacuum cleaner is also the #1 enemy of the canines in our world. They also take a bit to warm up to new items..... Thanks for the story :)

  4. Frodo is such a mother, isn't he? Maybe his own problem makes him more attuned to the unhappiness of others?
    Yes, when a dog looks grown-up it's easy to forget he's still a pup on the inside. Poor Gus.
    He's a beauty, though. Such a glossy black coat!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. Aww, I had a friend at school who had a Tan and White Dalmation called Henry. Lively thing he was and very friendly. Thanks for posting:)

  6. Awwww! Funny what spooks them and what doesn't, isn't it? He'll get used to it, no doubt!

    I just bought a wash bag for a dog bed. The idea is that you wash the bed inside the bag (like a lingerie bag) and all the mud and hair stays inside - then when it's dry you take it outside, turn it inside out and shake it.

    Trouble is, the 'dog bed' they have in mind is about a Jack Russell terrier size! Still, Sid's fleece will fit into it, and I can always just do the covers!

  7. Well, the airer looks pretty scary to me, too, Gus!
    Glad Frodo was around to provide comfort.

  8. I have two dogs, so I know what 'dirty dirt' is! A great story. You never know what a dog will be afraid of. My large dog is afraid of airplne lines in the sky. He whines and has to come in the house.

  9. Gus and Frodo are so cute! Our dog, Lady, is afraid of storms/thunder -- and sometimes she thinks the cats are out to get her depending on the day and the cat :-)

    I'm visiting via Camera Critters and I'm a new follower as well!

  10. They are adorable. My lab is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and thunder. He becomes a quivering mass of jello.

  11. Isn't it interesting what they are afraid of. My cat is afraid of the vacuum also, and he's not kitten. Needless to say I try not to frighten him too much.

  12. Gus reminds me a great deal of my lab, Sonja ... in looks and in temperament. Thanks for sharing ;)

  13. no sweat gus! you have frodo to protect you!!

    woof woof
    from bozo
    Pets forever

  14. well that's just adorable! my cats bathe eachother like crazy all the time and it's so cute to watch. Love the pics :)


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