Monday 31 January 2011

Interview with Kim at Happy@Home

Last year Yiota asked if any of her readers would be interested in interviewing each other. Kim and I were paired with each other but Christmas and New Year intervened and I've only just managed to organise myself to pose some questions. So, with thanks to Kim, let me show you a little of the lady behind Happy@Home

 Interview with Kim from 
1:  Are you a lark or an owl?
Owl.  I prefer to ease into the morning, if possible.  I usually go to bed between 11:30 - midnight.  As a kid my mom always referred to me as a night owl.

2:  Which childhood books made a lasting impression on you?
I would say my love of reading began with the Nancy Drew series.  I spent a lot of carefree summer days as a child reading them.

3:  What are you reading now?
 I'm currently reading "We Are All Welcome Here" by Elizabeth Berg.  She is one of my favorite authors and this book doesn't disappoint.

4:  Have you got a favourite film - one that you watch over and over?
 I don't watch too many films over and over other than the classic Christmas films each year.  I have seen "Father of the Bride" a few times and enjoy it each time I watch it.

5:  What are the three most important things to you in a relationship?
The three most important things to me in a relationship are honesty, loyalty and kindness. 
6:  What do you eat for breakfast?
 I love breakfast and eat a variety of things.  Lately it's been oatmeal with fresh blueberries or banana, chopped pecans, milk & a tiny bit of brown sugar.

7:  Did you have one teacher who inspired you?
Sadly I can't think of any teachers who really inspired me.  Some were interesting, many were nice, but none really stand out to me now.
8:  Do you keep a diary?
 I don't keep a diary.  However, I have recently been reading the diaries my mom kept for many years.  Growing up I just thought of her as my mom without thinking much about her inner thoughts.  Although her diaries don't go into a lot of depth, it has been interesting to get to read about her thoughts and wishes as a young mother. 
9:  What is your worst fault?
 I suppose my worst fault would be that I overthink things.  Rather than just jumping in there and doing something, I think about it waaaay too much and oftentimes talk myself out of doing it.   My husband is the complete opposite.  If something needs to be done, he just does it.  In a recent conversation he told me that I think too much.  I'd like to think he meant that I am one of the great thinkers of the world, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't what he meant :).
10: Do you participate in any sports/physical activities?
 I've never been the athletic type, but I do like to get exercise by walking or riding my bike. 
11: How old were you when you learnt to drive?
 I learned to drive when I was 15 and got my driver's license at 16.

12: What hobbies do you enjoy?
My favorite hobbies are gardening, cooking, baking and reading.  A few years ago I had to be off of my feet for a few months and in this time I discovered the Food Network.  I was mesmerized by the way the chefs chopped up the herbs and fresh veggies to add to their food.  Everything looked so yummy.  Before that I had grown herbs, but never really knew what to do with them other than chop a few chives over baked potatoes.  Once I could get around again the first thing on my agenda was to buy a chef’s knife, take a course in organic herb gardening and plant my little herb garden.   To this day I find it very relaxing to light a candle in my kitchen, step out the kitchen door to gather some fresh herbs and then go about the business of assembling a fresh and delicious dinner. 
Thank you, Kim, for allowing me to interview you :-) 


  1. Thanks so much for doing the interview J! Kim is a special lady and I'm so glad I got to know her better.
    Kim, I wish my mum had kept a diary I could read now.

  2. That was a delightful read, Janice. Kim sounds like a lovely, thoughtful (LOL) person.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. What a lovely way to learn all about others :)

  4. That was such an interesting read! Thank you for sharing so much about yourself.

  5. I grew up with Nancy Drew also. I'm afraid I jump into things without thinking it through. I think your method is better! Great post.

  6. Fresh herbs, candles and Nancy Drew! A girl after my own heart!

  7. What an enjoyable interview. I don't know Kim, but I suspect she's American? Being allowed to learn to drive at the age of 15 and getting her license at 16. We are only allowed to drive a car when we are 18.


  8. Thanks for this post, Janice. Enjoyed knowing your friend Kim very much.

    Hope there will be many more such interesting interviews:)

  9. Great job on your interview. It was fun learning about Kim.


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