Friday 21 January 2011

Unusual visitor

Do you remember our Scottish visitor last June? I was very excited by her presence and rather sad when she finally departed to complete her journey home. 

This week another guest came calling. When I glanced out one day as the sun was shining - it hasn't done that very much recently  - I spied an unusual visitor to our bird table. 

She (I think it's female) was beautifully and colourfully marked and quite large. I didn't see her arrive but she stayed for quite a while, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the company of birds small and larger, none of which approached her closely. Birds are wary of strangers, I find.

She appeared to be very comfortable and was obviously snoozing, all worries of the world forgotten. Quickly I alerted Barry so that he could photograph this beauty. After a while she turned round and gave us a better view of her pretty face. Now we could see that she had large, yellow-green eyes She was enjoying the shelter she had found; she only just fitted under the roof but I know this species -  very supple and able to fit their bulk into surprisingly small spaces.

Eventually she departed but I expect that she will return to her comfortable vantage point the next time the sun shines and she's feeling peckish.


  1. I was very curious to see this unexpected visitor of yours, so it made me chuckle when I saw who it was. I love the way cats like to squeeze themselves into tight spots - the smaller the better it seems. How lovely A x

  2. That was a very interesting narrative with quite a twist!!
    I was dreaming up all kinds of birds and wasn't in any way prepared for 'Winston's distant cousin'!!


  3. Isn't 'she' a darling? She's found a perfect spot for winter sunbathing, but does she really eat birdseed and not birds?
    I hope she has people of her own somewhere.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. A good story and a surprise picture! He does look quite comfy.

  5. Fun photo and text. I had to enlarge the photo in order to see what it was. Then I chuckled. She certainly found the right spot for a snack.

  6. Oh, how funny. As I read along I was imagining what bird you might be seeing. I must say this wasn't what I expected.

  7. What a wonderful visitor and how ready to make herself/himself at home. Terrific photo as well.

  8. LOL! Great shot, and what a nice visitor.

  9. haha, we have a similar birdfeeder and we often find one of our cats in there. I suspect they pretend to be asleep, hoping that an unfortunate bird doesn't see them when they approach. Fat chance!

  10. What a neat visitor ... I suspect she was lured to that cozy spot as it smelled of her two most favorite treats.....birds and squirrels..... here in Texas the squirrels are masters at finding ways into "Squirrel proof" bird feeders & the like.

    Thanks for the smiles!

  11. Nice place to sit and possibly dinner might fly in at any time!
    Not likely pus cat birds are smart too.

  12. Great picture, never seen a cat in the bird feeder before. smart cat waiting for the birds to feed so he can feed to.


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