Friday 14 January 2011


Mara from 'Weighty Matters' posted an amusing clip - a spoof on Riverdance. I enjoyed watching it then felt the need to watch some clips from Riverdance. I love watching dance, particularly ballet and tap. I think the dancing in Riverdance is breathtaking - literally so for the dancers! I regret that I didn't see it live.
I hope you will enjoy the following clips as much as I did - it was hard to pick only two!! The first is Irish (tap) dancing.

The second is 'Cry of the Celts'.


  1. I have seen "Riverdance" in 2007 or 8, here in Brussels, it was wonderful ! What artists !! they come quiet often to Brussels.

  2. Oh, Janice, thank you for posting these. The spoof Mara posted was funny, but these were wonderful. The Irish dancers were super, and I really liked Cry of the Celts. I think Michael Flatley is as much an athlete as an artist. What strength that dancing must take! As you said, literally breathtaking for the dancers. If I ever get a chance to see Riverdance, I'll be thrilled.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. This was beautiful. I haven't watched Irish dancing in such a long time. It's amazing how they are synchronized so perfectly.

  4. I LOVE Riverdance - they make their own music with their feet. Stunning synchronicity. Thanks for the reminder - I'll be on YouTube all morning now!!


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