Monday 17 January 2011

The Tenth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke – Gus: January 2011

  This is me sitting on Frodo's head. My eyes aren't white, you know. Mrs H tried to make them look right but she couldn't.
Hello everyone! Happy New Ear to you all! I don’t know what that means and none of us animals or Humans has got new ears but all the Humans keep saying Happy New Ear and looking cheerful about it so I think it must be a good thing.

We’ve had such a busy time with lots of people coming and going (and so much food) but the really exciting bit was that us dogs went on holiday for a couple of days. Our Humans took us out in the car - not the dog car, we’d already been out in that when we went to the forest for a long walk – but the really comfortable car that we don’t usually go in.

We were in it for hours and it was dark when we stopped. I didn’t know where we were, though Frodo and Jenna recognised it. They wouldn’t tell me ‘cos they wanted it to be a surprise. Imagine how happy I was when I found that we’d arrived at Tia and Foxy’s house. They were ever so pleased to see us, I can tell you. We all rushed around and sniffed about in their garden and then Gillian gave us our supper. We were so busy we didn’t see our Humans leave. When we went to bed we slept with the children. I was with Marnie and Jenna was with Callum. Kiri had Foxy and Tia, and Frodo was in Gillian and Paul’s room. In the very early morning Frodo started howling and woke everyone up. He was missing Mrs H but he soon settled down again.

The next day lots of people came to see us and say hello, then we all went out for a walk, but we couldn’t go off our leads. We had lots of fun playing in the garden later on, though. All the Humans kept talking about New Earseve and us dogs didn’t know what they meant. They seemed happy so we decided not to worry about it. They went out later on and left us in the house but it was nice and warm so we didn’t mind and they weren’t gone long.

On New Earsday our own Humans came back after it was dark and took us home to Berkshire (I think it’s funny that we live in *Berkshire – well, we do bark, but so do dogs that live in other parts of the country!) We were so tired that we slept all the way. It was nice to go and stay with Gillian and Paul but it was really good to be back in our own home and Winston was very pleased to see us.
It’s been very quiet in our house since we all came home again. Mrs H has put the small Christmas trees out in the garden. She says they’ll be much bigger next Christmas. I wonder if they’ll grow as much as I did – she’ll never get them in the house if they do. I’m ever such a big boy now. When Frodo and me went to see Kate-the-Vet to have a check-up and a booster (whatever that is) we had to stand on a platform that told the Humans how heavy we were. Frodo was 33 kilos and I weighed 31 kilos. I expect I’m more now. I expect I’ll be heavier than Frodo soon. I don’t think he’ll care though. I knock him over sometimes but he never grumbles. I really like Frodo. I sit on his head sometimes but he doesn’t seem to mind - well, not very much. I think he’s super. I don’t think I’ll ever be just like him ‘cos he’s a Dalmatian and I’m a Labrador. When I was little I thought I might grow large white patches and look like him. That was because I had some white hairs on my chin – I know better now. I’m not sure about Jenna, though – her chin’s getting quite a lot of white on it.
I like playing with Winston. He’s only a cat and ever so much smaller than me but we rough and tumble – well, I rough and he tumbles. He missed us dogs when we went on holiday for New Ear. He said it was ever so quiet.

Frodo did some falling down last night. He doesn’t do it very often and I always think he wants to play but my Humans tell me to keep away. Afterwards, he staggers around for a while, crashing into things and knocking things over and then he goes to sleep. The Humans tell him he’s a poor boy, a good boy, and make ever such a fuss of him. They always look a bit sad when Frodo falls but Frodo doesn’t bother – he can’t even remember what’s happened.

Jenna’s going to the vet today. She likes going there ‘cos everyone talks to her and makes a big fuss of her. She gets biscuits, too. Frodo and me got biscuits the last time we went. I liked it there and Frodo’s so used to being there that he doesn’t worry about it. Kate-the-Vet was ever so nice. Her hair tasted good and so did her face. Frodo doesn’t lick the vets – he says it’s not polite but I say, how else can I tell the vets I like them? Anyway, I’m sure they’d rather be licked than bitten – I’ve heard that some dogs bite people. That really isn’t good manners. What in all dogdom are they thinking of?

Time for supper now. Chicken chunks – yum!

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That’s Welsh for ‘Goodbye for now!’)

*Berkshire is pronounced Barksheer. 


  1. Happy New Ear Gus! Poor Frodo-I hope he is ok!

  2. Happy New Ear, Gus!
    Yes, u are is a special event, especially since we get to eat so much food!!

    We are so sorry your brother Frodo 'fell' again. May be the stress of staying away from home triggered it.
    How is he now?

    Don't worry about your eyes. we can at least see the adorable look in them now that they appear white (most times they can't be seen in pictures...tee hee hee..!)

    Shadow sits ON us too and we let him. He is just a lil puppy and is learning his life lessons.

    How nice that u get to play with Winston and win!
    wags, ginger n Buddy

  3. Happy new Ears to you too. You know what, I think I may have got new ears. My ears used to look huge on my head and now they fit. Simba had the same thing, but he got his new ears years ago!! Sounds like you had a love time visiting. Perhaps us kitties should all live in Purrrrrsia hee he xx

  4. That is a great picture! I think it is the best yet. When we got our dog, Maggie, she was at the SPCA and a huge black dog was sitting on her.

  5. Well Gus, you've had a hectic New Year so far! How nice that you have all your brothers and sisters to keep you company -- and to sit on their heads!

  6. What a fun post! I enjoyed the different viewpoint. Frodo doesn't seem to mind being sat on.

  7. Oh, Gus, aren't you wonderful to tell us what you dogs (and Winston) thought about New Year's Eve! Yes, new Year, not ear. There. Got it? I know you must be a very, very smart dog, if you can speak Welsh. I have Welsh ancestors but I can't speak a word of it. I can't even read it. And I didn't even know how to pronounce Berkshire, which isn't Welsh at all.
    Thank you for all the new things. And I think you'll soon be heavier than Frodo, so perhaps you might stop sitting on his head. (Although it is a very funny photo.)
    Love, Kay and Lindy
    (Lindy is a Golden Retriever and a very pretty girl, with curls.)

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. I'm sure you've captured exactly what's going on in Gus's mind. It's pretty much exactly what's going on in the heads of Phoebe, Holle and Biggles I guess. It's all about fun and food. That shot of Gus sitting on Frodo's head is great. Weird, but great.
    Fun post.

  9. Oh, and I'm sorry about Frodo's episodes. That must be worrying.

  10. Happy New Year to everybody at your house, Gus as well as who's under you.

  11. Hello Gus, Happy New Ears to you too! It sounds like you had a very busy but fun holiday.

    We are sorry to hear about Frodo's episodes, we hope he is feeling better.

    Miss Cindi Lou and the kittens send meows and purrs to Winston and all of you guys too!

  12. It must be quite a sight to see Winston dodging these


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