Monday 4 April 2011

Blogging from A to Z April challenge Cat

I am a cat. I grace you with my presence when I see fit and recline on your lap, kneading and kneading with my claw-sharp paws, primal recollections of comfort and warmth awakened in my memory-rich brain.

I loosen my fur and give it to you. I smile as it tickles your nose and covers your clothes.

I pull your hand to me and rub my head against it, over and over, my scent mixing with yours. I lick your skin with my rough tongue and you do not stop me for fear of offence. I possess you and you love me.
I speak to you in different voices. I yell when I am hungry and you do not answer my needs swiftly. At other times my tone is gentle, pleading, kindly. I know my meaning is difficult to understand but I repeat myself so that you learn and I am content. Sometimes I just want you to talk to me and I ask politely with a silent miaou.

I like the fireside. The fire is hot – it melts my bones till I lie limp and sated. In the summer the sun saturates me and I dream of other ages and lands. I twitch my paws and whiskers, my ears flick and I call out. I am a cat, ancient as time, wise with atavistic memories. I have been honoured, worshipped, abused, abandoned. I am a god and I am dust.

I live indoors. I have no care to step outside but I watch the birds and chitter. My instincts are intact. In the small, wee hours I prowl and yowl then join you in your bed, curling against you, lightly pinning your arm with mine.

I do not earn my place in your home – it is my right to allow you to serve me. I may catch a fly or chase a spider if I wish. You cannot train me but I will educate you.

When you please me I give you my sweetest gift – a rumbling reverberation from deep inside that makes you laugh and wonder at the skill with which I continue to purr, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out.
I am a cat. I am your cat and you adore me.


  1. Wonderfully written and wonderful pictures, and the deep delicious purr, mmmm ... how we not adore them!

  2. Oh yes - we do indeed. Ella, our cat is beside me now on the settee all curled up - getting ready to watch me strip! OOOOh matron! lol!

  3. Beautiful writing! What a wonderful tribute to our feline friends, I loved it! :-)

  4. So wonderfully written. I have learned so much by reading it too, you have given me more understanding of cat language. Thank you, friend!

    Kathy M.

  5. 'I am a god and I am dust.'

    I LOVE that line.

  6. That is just so beautiful and so so very true :) xxxx

  7. Great photos and the words are so fitting!

  8. Such a lovely and beautiful ode to kitty cats. I love mine, the rotten little thing. She likes to lay on our pillows and purr. The sound's actually grating.

  9. this is absolutely exquisite!! I am going to post it on my Facebook page (your blog posting) if you don't mind!

  10. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I just looked for you on Facebook and couldn't find your page. Do you have a link that I could go to?

  11. The cat with the Golden Eyes. Beautiful cat and lovely post.


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