Monday 25 April 2011

Succinctly Yours Week 5

Grandma's Goulash at Succinctly Yours hosts this microfiction meme. Each week she posts a photographic prompt for inspiration and the challenge is to write a story using no more than 140 characters or words. 

Below is this week's photo followed by my offering.
Image courtesy of Grandma's Goulash
‘Look out, Bluebell,’ said Buttercup, ‘Here comes Fergus, all bullish and full of himself.’

‘H’mm,’ said Bluebell, ‘He’d better not try it on with me again. I haven’t got my figure back from last time yet.’

‘Come and lie down with the rest of us,’ suggested Lily. ‘You know that always makes it rain and Fergus doesn’t like getting wet.’

Buttercup sniggered, ‘He’s all talk and no horns, that one.’

The rest of the herd joined in the laughter and carried on chewing the cud. Fergus, watching from the adjoining field, snorted in disgust as the first drops of rain fell and went to shelter under the huge oak.

(109 words)


  1. The cows have got Fergus all figured out haven't they? LOL

  2. Get the watering can, its for your dad...

  3. An excellent conversation, that.

  4. Hi J. --- What a great story! It is perfectly told and in 140 words. Maybe I'll give this a try; I'm sure enjoying BBF.

    Have a wonderful week,

    Kathy M.

  5. This brought loud laughter from me! Very witty and such fun - love it!

  6. I was laughing all the way through this story. You are hilarious. Thanks for the morning laugh!

  7. I actually was wandering what they were saying, nice one Janice ;-)

  8. ‘Come and lie down with the rest of us,’ suggested Lily. ‘You know that always makes it rain... I loved it!

  9. Oh haha, lovely!

    (I like your new header photo. Very pretty.)

  10. Poor Fergus. He's certainly no match for those sassy ladies. :D

    MY SY: Double Your Bovines

  11. What a NICE story you created! I like 'cow conversations' reminiscent of the old cartoon shorts in movies.

    See ya next week, my first time is today.

  12. Loved your Micofiction great job on first time hope to read you again.

    loved your microfiction. You will find my micro by clicking the link below.
    Tired Of It
    Thanks for reading.

  13. Poor Fergus! This story is really nice!

  14. I liked this! Very quaint story...

  15. Nice photograph. Love it! Good story too. I was just thinking about that idea of it raining when the cows lie down. I remember as a child asking my mother why the cows were lying down, looking for confirmation to that tale I had heard and she answered, "Because they're tired!"

  16. I loved this...made me laugh out loud. You can't outsmart a wily gal, bovine or otherwise...LOL!


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