Thursday, 19 April 2012

April A-Z blogging challenge 2012 Q is for Quirk

April A-Z blogging challenge 2012

Q brings the next of 26 short stories - 250 words or fewer - about the life and times of a fictional character called Alice

All children are unique. So Alice reminded herself daily as Rebecca raced round the garden in her fairy costume. Was it normal for her to insist on wearing the same clothes every day when she came home from school? She was six years old and the fairy dress had been a present for her third birthday. She could hardly squeeze into it now. The zip was broken, the sequins were hanging off the ragged net skirt and the original pretty pink was now faded and greyish.

Rebecca insisted on wearing it to parties. She was a strapping child, not a dainty waif, and the addition of bilious green frog-faced wellington boots did nothing to improve her image. While other little girls sat prettily and played nicely with each other Rebecca was playing football with the boys or trying to climb trees. She was two years younger than Edward John and copied everything he did. When she wasn’t following him she was a dog, answering only to the name Rover, speaking in woofs and growls and eating her meals under the table.
Ivy told Alice it was just a phase that Rebecca would grow out of.

‘Was I like that?’ Alice asked.

‘No, you were such a good little girl,’ said Ivy, ‘Not that Rebecca isn’t a lovely little girl, too,’ she added hastily. ‘She’s just imaginative.’

Alice sighed and wished her daughter would imagine herself into a quiet, presentable young lady. However would she cope when the baby was born?


  1. Unfortunately I missed a few days, I'll have to go back and read.

    I feel Rebecca is going to end up like her uncle Daniel somehow. Poor Alice.

  2. Oh dear, Alice does have her hands full. And a third child on the way? The happy young couple has been busy!

  3. Oh, beautiful. a wonderful way of showing her quirk without tell. :) Oh poor Alice. made me smile as I read that she wished Rebecca to would imagine herself into a quiet, presentable lady.

  4. Rebecca reminds me of my 7 year old grand-daughter - original and imaginative. A

  5. It's always hard when children don't fit the mold we think they belong in.

  6. Personally, I love imaginative children so, although she will eventually outgrow the fairy costume, I hope she keeps the spirit.

  7. Great story Janice, and things will never be dull with an imaginative mind around, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

  8. Sounds a little like my middle daughter. :)

  9. But Alice, not all young girls want to grow into quiet presentable young ladies. Rebecca reminds me a bit of myself as a child.

  10. Hi Janice .. it's so interesting reading all of these - now I'm going to R and S .. I want to see what's going on .. cheers Hilary


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