Saturday, 28 April 2012

April A-Z blogging challenge 2012 Y is for Yarn

April A-Z blogging challenge 2012

Y is the penultimate letter in this sequence of 26 short stories of 250 words or fewer. All the stories are about the life and times of a fictional character called Alice.

Through all the years of their marriage Norman was always able to make Alice laugh. He had a sense of the ridiculous and one of the things Alice loved about him was his ability to spin a yarn. He could elaborate on the most mundane event until his audience was laughing so hard they were gasping for breath. It didn’t matter to her that she had heard his stories many times before. A large part of her enjoyment was seeing the pleasure they brought to others. A shared sense of humour was one of the most important things in any relationship, she thought.

She considered her children. Ted had a pronounced sense of fun. He stopped short of practical jokes and she was grateful for that. It always seemed a cruel kind of humour that made people anxious or embarrassed them.

Rebecca shared Norman’s aptitude for story-telling and revelled in her daughters’ antics. She was quite as skilled as he at holding her listeners’ attention.

Emily, Alice’s youngest child, was quieter than her siblings, more introspective. She often said she couldn’t tell a joke to save her life and it was true – she always forgot the punch line – but she loved puns and witty repartee.  Alice supposed Emily was more like her than Norman, though Alice never claimed to be witty.

Alice was pleased that each of them had partners with whom they could share laughter. Laughter, as well as love, made the world go round.


  1. Alice is such a lovely lady.

  2. My hubby makes me laugh; it was the main attraction when I met him. Laughter indeed makes the world go 'round.

  3. Laughter and love making the world go round? I'll go with that! Nice tale. Shame there's only one more...

  4. Humour is so important in life.

  5. Sad to see the story winding down. I have really gotten to know these characters.

  6. Hi Janice, I've missed your wonderful writing this past time that I haven't been in blogworld. I'm suspecting that Alice isn't entirely fictional?
    Loved this and I agree: love and laughter do make the world go round.

    hugs, Carolina

  7. Oh how wise, Alice is. Laughter does indeed help in a relationship.

    My brother can tell tales. I have to write them down.

  8. After trust and respect, a shared sense of humour is a key ingredient to a great marriage and a happy life. I AM blessed... And you appear to have a book one letter short of being ready to publish!! :-)

  9. It's a wonderful gift when a family can share laughter. I've been blessed that way.

  10. Laughter is indeed a gift! And so, of course, is love. :)

  11. Hi Janice .. a couple of great phrase of wisdom here .. Alice was happy to watch others as her husband told his story or tale (probably with embellishments, as it was a new day) once again ... how often we hear wives cut their husbands off .. or the otherway round.

    Then laughter as well as love make the world go round .. too true ..

    Great Y for yarn .. a tale - love it .. cheers Hilary


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