Monday 23 April 2012

April A-Z blogging challenge 2012 T is for Tempus Fugit

April A-Z blogging challenge 2012
The next story in this sequence of 26 short stories of 250 words or fewer about the life and times of a fictional character called Alice brings us to T.

No sooner had Alice and Norman accepted the responsibilities of parenthood than their children were transformed into adults or so it seemed. The traumas of childhood and adolescence and the hurdles of examinations and first job interviews had been conquered. Norman and Alice considered their children as friends. She knew how fortunate they were. Some of their friends were estranged from their children.

Ivy was 89 and still living in her own home. A few years previously she suggested Ruth move in with her. They each worried about the other so it was to their mutual benefit they should live together. Ruth had trained as a nurse and was a practice nurse at the local surgery. Returning to her empty house each day had become burdensome. Now she went home to Ivy’s cooking and warm companionship. It was most satisfactory.

Emily’s 21st birthday in October was cause for celebration and she chose the occasion to announce her engagement. She planned to marry her French fiancĂ© the following year and they would be starting their married life in Paris. Everyone cheered.

There was a further announcement. Ted said, ‘I don’t want to hog my little sister’s special day but I thought you’d like to know we’re expecting twins next March.’

There was general uproar and much kissing and hugging. Ivy said, ‘I’ll have to look out my crochet patterns.’

Alice smiled at Norman. ‘We’ve only been parents for what feels like five minutes. Now we’re going to be grandparents. Time flies.’


  1. Aww, I love the happiness in this post! After all the sadness, it's good to see that things are going in the right direction at last! :D

  2. Nice to see some happiness fall into their laps.

  3. Such good news! It is so good to view these happy family times!

  4. Hi Janice .. great addition to the family story - love your story line .. Cheers Hilary

  5. So much happiness in this chapter. I am really enjoying your story Janice, I will be sorry to see it come to an end.

  6. Just been catching up - you should be writing for Ambridge!

  7. Yes, time does fly, doesn't it> Wedding and twins...this is such a busy family!


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