Thursday 16 September 2010

blue's coloured thursdays - black

This colour-linked meme is challenging and fun. Thank you to the organiser! To see more for this week's blacks please click here.
A tapestry of Toucans, made by my late mother
A Jackdaw stamping about on the bird table
A Magpie about to land on the bird feeder
Another Magpie enjoying the fat cake
 Crows visit the feeders too . . .
. . . and so do Blackbirds . . .
. . . and Great Spotted Woodpeckers . . .
. . . but the Labradors prefer different treats!


  1. So many beautiful birds! We've never seen a magpie in our yard before!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Adorable set of pictures, with lovely and delicate colours!
    **I would like to say every time I see your profile picture, here or in comments that you write, I think "how elegant you are"!
    I love your hat!
    Luna ( We love Luna ) and mommy Léia

  3. Great pics!! Love the Maggie angel & the Labs waiting for ??????

  4. I enjoyed the photos of the birds but the photo of the dogs made me laugh! Your labs are such fun! :)

  5. Of course, I love that Magpie! We had two big yellow labs while raising the kids. I miss them terribly. Their such great dogs.

  6. I envy your ability to capture birds. I try and fail frequently! But, my personal favorite is the dogs. Just looking at their backs, my dog Willie could be one of them. ;)

  7. Wowowow! We like the last one best because Old Girl is scared of those birds! :P

  8. That is a beautifully-captured Magpie about to land on the bird feeder!

  9. Your photos of birds are wonderful. I especially liked the Magpie. The wings are thrilling to see.

  10. woah that tapestry is just the bees knees!! and what a great line up of black birds we dont get many of those over here just the magpies that chase us! the labs look like they are in serious discussions fur sure... loves and licks

  11. All great photos. I love your mother's tapestry-such beautiful colours.

  12. The tapestry is beautiful and so are the birds. Love the photo of the labs all awaiting treats.


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  14. Wow! That is a glorious shot of the magpie about to land. Look at the spread of wings you caught!


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