Wednesday 15 September 2010

A Plumber’s Tales #3

Paul was fitting a copper roof on the Heritage Centre at Lulworth Cove in Dorset when he noticed an old chap on the ground looking up and shouting something. Paul waved and smiled at him but the elderly fellow kept on yelling. Paul stopped to listen more carefully and was amazed to hear the old man hollering, 'Horse piss, horse piss.'

He wondered if this was a comment on his workmanship and trying to ignore his audience continued his work. Still the comment came, 'Horse piss, horse piss.'

Eventually Paul climbed down and spoke to the old gentleman. He didn't quite know what to expect but the man was an experienced workman, used to working with copper and told him, 'Use horse piss to cure the copper. It turns it green.'

In that way a new roof can be aged quickly to fit in with its surroundings. I don't know whether Paul took the advice – I rather doubt it as he's only usually on nodding terms with horses - but I imagine by now, several years later, that the roof will have weathered naturally, particularly in the salt-laden air of Lulworth.


  1. Now there's a useful piece of advice.
    Makes me think of the roof of the Hotel Vancouver, long ago aged by time to a lovely green. I used to be able to see it from the top of the building where I worked in the 60s and 70s, but the building is gone and there are too many skyscrapers between there and the hotel anyway. Time changes things in many ways.

    Alberta, Canada

  2. I love your tales of Paul the plumber!!! Is he for real?

    Buddy says thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Oh! i think your india post was very nice n sweet. Barry was in Delhi as a child?How amazing, I never thought I would meet someone(however indirectly!)who lived in India during colonial rule.
    We now only read and see old videos about the Raj days and the independence exciting,he had been there in person. Does he remember much?

    About the Indian railways...we in India,get pretty irritated about the crowd and chaos at the stations but also are rather proud that such a vast institution manages to run at dirt cheap rates and almost on time.
    Train journeys are something you have to experience to see the real India, I feel.You get to meet eccentric people from different cultures,see sights that change as you cross state borders, the signs, the language and the varied food and drinks at each station, though of course if you have a tender stomach,u have to really look out!!

    Sigh! it as been very long since I last travelled by a train..time is a factor once u are working and have a family.

    your posts always make me think so them.

  3. I would be afraid to talk with someone who kept yelling, "Horse piss," at me. And where on earth would you get some anyway?
    Funny story.

  4. I think it's more difficult to find a horse who is willing to climb up on the roof and piss all over it, lol ! Better let time do the work !
    BTW I learned something new ! :) !

  5. How about asking Pegasus? He might oblige!

  6. Hehehe! I'll remember that if we ever put a copper roof on our house. :)

  7. Funny comment, but it would probably work pretty well.


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