Friday 3 September 2010

blue's coloured thursdays

I haven't played this game before and found out about it through 'Pawprints in the Sands of Time'
Doyle and Mollie host this meme and to see more you can click here.
I hope the following will fit the theme.
January 2010 Berkshire UK

Dalmatians are born white, their spots developing in the following weeks and months. Frodo, left, has black spots. Buddy has liver spots.


  1. Oh Janice!
    Such a priceless picure!Must be routine for you but it brought a wide smile to my face. They look so lovely against the snow backdrop.
    Just like a painting!
    Cruella will be tempted you know?!
    Buddy: Thanks Aunt Janice for your loving concerned thoughts for me.
    I am much better today. i too got rice nad eggs, rice and dal, rice nad potatoes and some milk too. i hope Buddy there is feeling better too.sending my wags n licks

  2. Aw this is gorgeous! I adore dalmations :)

  3. They're both beautiful, but I can't help thinking about winter temperatures here in Alberta and feeling sorry for Frodo and Buddy with their short hair. I'm sure it never gets as cold in the UK as it does here.

  4. They are such pretty dogs. Liver spots? They both look like black spots to me.

  5. What a super cool picture of Dalmations in the snow! We love it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Both Frodo and Buddy look so handsome frolicking in the snow.

  7. The advertisement below your post makes me smile. It's about a product to remove dark spots on a skin.

    I don't think you'd want to use it on your gorgeous dogs. You'd never find them again in the snow ;-)

  8. Are you sure their names aren't Pongo and Purdy? Photo looks like it came right out of the film! Nice one.

  9. absolutely gorgeous.

    I just read your apple magpie, a very salutary tale!
    I had begun to think that the apple might have been made of plastic.

  10. Janice, these are absolutely precious photographs of Frodo and Buddy. How adorable! I didn't know that about Dalmations being born white. Good to know.
    An English Girl Rambles

  11. Winter! :)

    Doyle and Mollie look like they appreciate the snow. Well, winter is coming again.

  12. I didn't realize Dalmations are born white. Your pair are beautiful dogs and very photogenic, too.

  13. Beautiful-and I didn't realise they were born without their spots.


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