Friday 10 February 2012

Comment moderation

I know lots of people dislike comment moderation and I agree it can be something of a pain, slowing down the fleet of finger but I retain it; I don’t know of any other way to see that people have commented on my posts. I could consult the post list but that would involve remembering how many comments there were ‘last time’.

Anyway, that’s really beside the point. When I comment on my own posts I don’t have to verify my words so I don’t know what other people see. I’ve noticed that many people have, ‘Please prove you’re not an idiot’ when inviting commenters to verify. 

What I really want to know is, Do I? and if not, Why Not?


  1. I have disabled my comment moderator. On my dashboard it will say you have x# of comments and then i click on the notice. Obviously I do not have the traffic of popular blogs, but so far no spam. I get my comments in my in-box as well. your comment moderator says 'comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by blog author'.

    My comments on my anotherporch blog also wait until I click publish.

    I started another blog a while ago Janet's Journal and those comments self-publish. I don't remember setting a comment moderator on it. I hope this helps.

  2. and now i wonder, do i have a comment moderator and am unaware of it? if so i hope it doesn't say 'prove you are not an idiot':(

  3. Okay, I'm commenting so that I can see if you have verification or not. It's in your design settings if you want to change it. I really don't mind, though I haven't had problems - the spam filter seems to catch the true spam all right.

    Okay - yes, there it is. I am being asked to confirm the word "tholy" which is like soley, with a lisp.

  4. Thank you, Janet and Melissa. Now I know what my visitors see:-)

  5. I really don't like the comment moderation thing at all, it drives me mad!

    I hate having to decipher the words and more often than not get them wrong!!!!

    Have a good weekend.

    x Fiona

  6. Some of the letters are really weird and difficult. I don't mind the straightforward ones so much.

    Keep warm and take care of your neck.

  7. I guess I'm used to that comment verification thing although sometimes people have weird set-ups where I can't see where to type in the word. Strange.

    I take off my verification thing until I start getting more spams. Then I put it back on for a couple of weeks.

  8. I get emails with the comments people give on my blog. Now, my design thingies are all in Dutch, but I'm guessing it's in 'design', 'settings' and then 'comments' and somewhere at the bottom of the page you can type in your email address for 'people who will receive an email when someone has commented'. Or something like that.

    I don't really mind the comment moderation. And I like word verification, because sometimes they are funny words ;-)

  9. Kay - I know! Some of them are really strange. I worry about the ones that ask for a mathematical answer - like 2x4=? Maths was never my strong subject, to say the least. (I jest - of course I know what 2x4= - it's the same as 4x2= Right?)
    Carolina - I've never got into the email thing, as you may have noticed (!) but I'm always delighted when someone emails me so I really should try it - just need a few more hours in the day. (Slow worker, you see!)

  10. I disabled the moderator and have never had spam show up in the comments. Google always catches it anyway. It doesn't bother me to type the requested word on other people's blogs. It only takes a sec. :)

  11. I haven't seen the "idiot" one but I have seen "please prove you are not a robot" which always makes me laugh.
    I think I might be offended if I saw "prove you're not an idiot".
    Last evening I couldn't comment on any blogs with word verification at all. The same "word" kept coming up and it always told me I'd typed it incorrectly. It did that with about 10 or 12 before I gave up. Today it's okay.
    It's all a mystery to me, why it works most of the time and then up and quits.

  12. Janice,people who write on my blog see their entry immediately. I have NEVER had problems. I encourage you to trust your readers as well. I have never seen any spamming readers on your sight, nor any disrespecftul people. If I see that the blogger will wait to approve my entry, I wonder why. If he/she has had issues in the past, I understand. If not, I feel disrespected. (I am always respectful of bloggers, as I identify.) If people make those who respond (as on your blog) jump through hoops, I truly wonder what bad experiences you have had.


  13. I don't have comment moderation on my blog ... and haven't had much of a problem. For a while I was getting some spam, but somehow google blogger has a feature that blocks it out, so it hasn't been a problem.

  14. Good question. I can't say I've come across that one. Maybe I have and haven't seen it. Some of these requests are hidden, and one has to scroll down to find them. I always worry that on occasions I may have sailed gaily on imagining that I'd done all that was necessary.

  15. I'm going to disable moderator again and see if I can catch the comments.
    I must apologise; what I should have written was 'Please prove you're not a robot.' I misread the scrawl in my notebook. Calligraphy, like maths, is not one of my strong points.

  16. Lisa, Kay, Mary, Robert - thank you for your input:-)
    Dave - I know that feeling all too well, particularly if I've been interrupted at some point in the commenting process.

  17. Janice, I receive every comment someone writes in an EMAIL as well as it being printed in my I never lose track of comments, as I have two ways to see them.

    It seems in your blog still that nothing prints in your blog until you approve it. (I don't mind those little squiggly things to interpret. I am quite used to them.)

  18. Cool! I stand corrected, you no longer have comment moderation. Hurrah. My comment went through right away....YES!!! Sorry about the last comment.

  19. Nice to see you experimenting.

    If you want to see what your readers see - try using another computer that you haven't logged in on, and look up 'jabblog'. Then you can leave yourself a cryptic comment under an assumed name! (Just kidding, really).

    I sometimes feel frustrated by the double whammy of word verification (or prove you are not a robot/idiot) and comment moderation. But I do understand that some people have problems with nasty stalkers or trolls (as I did with the cats a week or so ago). It is only a nuisance if you are trying to look at a lot of blogs in a hurry.

  20. What I do: I have word verification off, but comment moderation on. You can have Blogger email you each time someone comments, which is what I do, and then I approve them as the come, or en masse once an hour or so if I'm really busy. That way I can delete the spam so my readers don't see it, and my readers don't bitch about the CAPTCHA.

  21. Hiya, I don't know if your question has been answered but if you go in to your dashboard of your blog, into "Settings", into "Mobile and Email", you can set it to send an email whenever you receive a comment.

    Blogger just made the word verification twice as hard on blogs and it is nasty. I don't have moderation or comment verification on my three blogs but I find Blogger gets 90% of the spam and the rest I control by being vigilant and deleting spam immediately.

  22. Hi Janice .. I have word verification off, and comment moderation off - Blogger seems to pick up spam.

    If I'm unsure about some comments I just delete them .. or hold them in spam - til I've had no queries .. or they've been there a long time. I check them out though first ...

    The double word verification is a pain I've had a few this a.m. -

    I can't comment on embedded comment boxes and am not sure why ..

    But I get all comments through to my email .. as Joshua does ..

    Cheers - Hilary


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