Sunday 5 February 2012

Free me!

A grave at the Novodevichy Cemetery, Moscow

My first irreverent thought was ‘We gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do’ which I’m considering having played at my funeral but then it was followed almost immediately by the sense of beseeching implicit in this monument.

Free me!

Free me, I beseech you,
Free me from this world of woe,
Dead roses and cold rubies
Are not enough to hold me.

See my hands outstretched,
Fingers splayed and reaching
Out from the grave below -
Release me from this clay.

My spirit fled my body
Yet you strive to keep me here,
Your tears and words restrain me,
Please let me go.

Remember the person I was
And laugh at the memories we made –
Don’t enclose me in your sadness,
Please let me go.

You can read more Mags here, thanks to Tess Kincaid who organises this meme.


  1. This is very moving. Perhaps you will want that read at your funeral one day. Although, I love the thought of 'We gotta get out of this place' too :o)

  2. Ouch! That is one hell of a poem. And I mean that in a positive way ;-)

    The monument freaks me out.

  3. Oh, very nice.

    To be remembered as we were, that's not too much to ask, is it?


    p.s. My friend Mary wants the John Lennon song "Imagine" played at her funeral. Me, I haven't decided yet. :-)

  4. I still like the idea of "We gotta get out of this place..."
    Your poem is lovely-especially the last line.

  5. Fabulous, Janice. An exquisite poem.
    I also like your first choice, and you carried some essence of it into your poem.
    I once painstakingly recorded all the music for my funeeral — before, during, and after. It's on cassette tapes, which no one ever plays any more, and I'm still very much alive.

  6. To me, your poem is like a desperate, pleading cry, clawing at someone's heartstrings. I enjoyed the emotive sense of urgency you have created here. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Janice, I really like the last stanza of this poem, Janice; though I can't really get into these mag pictures of late!

    On another note, new little dog went all day without ONE accident; and i took treats outdoors to reinforce. So far he's a 'keeper.'

  8. I've never seen a grave marker like that one before. It is pretty but spooky. The poem is very sad, I think I like your song better.

  9. That monument is as awesome as the poem.

  10. cold stone and dead roses are not enough to hold me here...nice...that speaks volumes there...i think you should have that song played...ha...

  11. I rather like your first choice of song. Think I might steal that idea.

  12. Sad and funny post, I can relate to the sentiments and enjoy the verse.

  13. Wonderful! You write so well and express my feelings exactly!

  14. Its a moving sculpture and I enjoyed your reponse. Well written.

  15. perfect take from this image
    it does seem to say that

  16. Wonderful.
    Both interpretations.


  17. I wrote some comments but they disappeared - Blogger bloggering about again, perhaps. So . . . once again . . .
    OtherMary - thank you, but probably not. The song? Maybe . . .

    Carolina - hell may well have something to do with it;-)

    Tess, Anthony - thank you both.

    Pearl - I don't want anyone to remember me as I am/was - the truth hurts;-)

    Kathe - thank you:-)

    Kay - but you're such a cheery, positive person ;-) Forget the tapes and continue to enjoy living, as I know you do:-)

    ninotaziz - thank you!

    Linda - thank you so much - you do me honour.

    Mary - I haven't found them easy lately but this one struck a chord. So glad Basil is learning fast and of course he's a keeper - you couldn't give him back now:-)

    Belle - I like the song better, too:-)

    Linda O - thank you - I think;-)

    Taylor - thank you for your encouraging comment.

    Brian - I think I should have that song too:-)

    Catfish - I'm not planning to leave just yet, but who knows;-)

    Mo - feel free:-)

    Dave - thank you.

  18. Ooh, four more people snuck in when I wasn't looking . . .

    EG, Jane, Suz, Sue - thank you all for your nice comments:-

  19. Very touching poen and picture.


  20. nicely done.....thanks for sharing your words

  21. Thank you for coming by my place, I liked the tenor of your poem...acceptance!


  22. Your fist though was a doozy! I loved it! :)

  23. My thanks to Filip, Wayne, Wander and Cad - your comments are appreciated:-)

  24. Your plea is heartfelt and definitely heard.

  25. Lovely but yes I'm all for We Gotta Get Outta This Place, but then I'm irreverent like that!

  26. A well thought out poem. And you funereal song . certainly a welcome change from "I did it my way"

  27. I hear a sweet voice echoing a plea from the primordial spirit trapped in a Sysiphus paradigm of our own sad. Very touching...Thanx 4 sharing .

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  29. A wonderful entreaty - sometimes folk will just not let go.

    Love your idea of a funeral song too!

    Anna :o]

  30. Anna, it's hard to let go but essential, I think.


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