Wednesday 22 February 2012

Limerick-Off Monday

While reading Kay's blog I came across Mad Kane's Humor Blog and decided to have a go. The first line is given as 'A fellow who had a degree' or 'A woman who had a degree' - the rest is up to the writer;-)

A fellow who had a degree
Was stung on his lip by a bee;
He uttered a curse,
And then did much worse
By flattening the bee on a tree.

A woman who had a degree
Decided to work in TV;
She fronted the news,
But stated her views
And was told that wasn’t PC.

A fellow who had a degree
Decided to set out to sea,
He donned sailing boots
And severed his roots
Leaving home with prodigious glee.

A woman who had a degree
Worked hard to update her CV;
She wanted a post
To give her the most
Enjoyment and autonomy.


  1. I'm still giggling at the second one. I may have to go back and read the others!

  2. ha ha ha, you are very good at limmericks. Now you have me reciting some of my own. There once was a man with a degree, who had NO temperature, you see...

  3. All good. I particularly like the last one-the use of autonomy is very good!

  4. You've got the knack there.

    Love the woman and the TV - do you remember last year when that lady who did sign language for the news got sacked because she made up stories? She said that she did it because the job was mind numbingly boring ...

  5. Loved the second one especially...but you definitely seem a natural with limericks!

  6. Hi Janice .. I think those are brilliant - I love limericks, such fun to read .. and obviously for you to write .. cheers Hilary

  7. Welcome to my Limerick-Off group. I enjoyed your contributions and hope you'll be a regular participant! (I post a new Limerick-Off weekly, usually on Sundays.)
    Madeleine Begun Kane

  8. These are so cute. I do love limericks.


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