Tuesday 28 February 2012

Support for the Woman Behind the Cancer Campaign

My middle daughter, Susannah, is a freelance TV producer and has been working for several weeks on Breast Cancer Care's first major advertisement. It’s about to be released and will be seen on cinema screens and on billboards from March.

It’s a very different, startling approach to breast cancer. I hope it will encourage people to see the woman behind the cancer, not just the cancer treatment. Illness doesn’t change the intrinsic needs and wishes and interests of a person.

You can see the advertisement here and read more about it here.


  1. I like it. It's in direct contrast to the fuzzy pinkness of our current breast cancer awareness efforts.


  2. Hi Janice .. that's great and it's got excellent backing .. I hope it'll make everyone think of diseases - all of them .. Cancer is appalling though.

    Congratulations to your daughter and must be so interesting to hear about the background to making the ad ..

    Cheers Hilary

  3. I hope this is a world wide campaign, it is powerfully moving. Kudos to your daughter.

  4. It's wonderful, Janice. I love the idea of dressing the woman in all those pills and having them fall away to reveal the real person. So beautifully made.

  5. That's so great your daughter has gotten to work on such an amazing advertisement!

  6. Kudos to your daughter, Janice!!!! A wonderful project.

  7. It's a beautiful advertisement and I do hope it does what it is supposed to do. How wonderful that your daughter is part of this project.

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  9. Wow, I've had the devil's own time leaving a comment on your blog this morning - Blogger has eaten two of them, let's see if the third time will be the charm!

    LOL about Frodo blocking the door - I'm glad you were able to finally budge his bodacious bod and make your escape!

    I wasn't aware of the Leap Day tradition of turn-about-is-fair-play marriage proposals, and the penalties assessed for refusals. Interesting! I wonder too about the disparity of fines, but figure a cagy woman could do pretty well for herself if she was certain the men she'd vetted would refuse her! :-)

    My uncle's birthday is today, so he gets to use the "Today's my 20th birthday" ruse despite being 80. Happy Leap Day!

  10. Wow, that was powerful and so well done. Congratulations to your daughter for being a part of it.


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