Wednesday 29 February 2012

Leap Day Leap Year

My Leap Day started with me being unable to get out of the shower room. Frodo the Faller, my Velcro dog, had lain down with his back to the door and I couldn’t move him. Obviously, I managed eventually or I would still be in the shower room and not writing this. I mean, I like my laptop but it doesn’t go everywhere with me.

February 29th doesn’t come around very often, not even every year. No, it has to wait four years before it makes an appearance but it is important. It’s more to be noted and feted than common or garden April 18th or November 27th or any other day of the normal or ‘common’ year. February 29th only shows up in out-of-the-ordinary years, those whose last two digits are divisible by four, but even that formula doesn’t always work. It’s really much more complicated, all to do with solar years and Gregorian calendars. It’s a rough rule of thumb, though. Whoever said there were not enough hours in the day was on to something.

This is the day when confirmed bachelors hide for fear they should receive a marriage proposal. There are fines for refusals – a kiss, £1 or a silk gown. These seem quite arbitrary or are they graded according to the class and expectations of the girl concerned?

Tomorrow is March 1st, St David’s Day and our daffodils have just come out – they must be WelshJ


  1. Happy Leap Day! Glad you were able to get the door open....LOL. I proposed to the same man a couple leap years...didn't work. He is still single. Too bad I didn't know about this fine business. I could have collected.

  2. Hi janice .. I thought you were going to say lapdog - couldn't take Frodo everywhere - he is magnificent ..

    Clever systems we've invented or absorbed over the years to taken account of that revolving warm ball up that - that we live by ..

    Enjoy the 29th -I'd forgotten that I could ask some man to marry me - now who could I ask .. and who wouldn't run off regardless of the fine!

    Cheers Hilary

  3. I didn't know about the marriage proposal thing. Again, you learn something every day ;-)

  4. I'd forgotten about the marriage proposals. I was single for most of my adult life, and knew a few confirmed bachelors, so I enjoyed terrifying them with marriage proposals. How could I have forgotten anything that made me laugh so much? It was great fun, too. Silly me.
    Meanwhile, I know all about trying to move a dog who doesn't want to be moved. Lindy is impossible, and doesn't care if she's in someone's way. Fortunately, my bathroom door opens inward, so she might block it by lying in front of it (guarding me, she thinks) but at least I can climb over her.

  5. Trapped in a shower by the dog. I love it. The fine I like most is the silk gown.

  6. Now that's a heck of a way to start the day! Glad you were finally able to escape from the shower.
    Our daffodils are blooming here too. Always a welcome sight.

  7. Haha Locked in the shower by a spotted door stop. Happy Leap Day to you.

  8. I guess Frodo wanted you squeaky clean. :-)
    Happy Leap Year Day to you. How funny about the fines. Gosh! A silk gown? If he refused the girl, she might not want to kiss him.

  9. We have to make do with store bought daffodils, which are usually very nice and not very expensive but this year they are all in bloom by the time we're ready to buy. I only buy the budded ones so that they will last as long as possible. So no daffodils for March 1st this year. I will have to bring out my two little artificial ones that we got in Wales several years ago, by giving a donation to something I think.

    You are the first person that I heard or read today to mention the proposing of marriage on Leap Year Day. Perhaps because marriage is not so popular any more :(

  10. Can I ask my huibby of twenty odd years to marry again? Lol!

    Happy leap day!

  11. I didn't know men could be fined for refusing a woman's proposal! Not sure about the kiss... would you want to kiss a man who'd refused you? The silk gown would probably be the best investment... fascinating post. And glad you managed to get past the new door stop and escape from the shower!

  12. we don't celebrate St. David's day here. In fact, I have never heard of it. We do have the same Leap Year tradition, where girls are free to chase boys. Of course, in these modern times, girls are pretty free about it anyway.
    Funny about Frodo blocking you into the shower.

  13. I'm glad you managed to get out of that room. I've never heard of St. David's Day, but wish you a belated happy one anyway. :)

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  14. What a great start to your Leap Day. I'm glad Frodo decided to let you out. I've never heard of St. David's Day but I will remember it for next year.


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