Saturday 17 June 2023



Adder (Viper berus)

Early this morning when Susannah went running with Arthur she found an adder on the track. It was small and probably dead. 

Adders are venomous but there are very few reports of adder bites since these snakes are shy and rarely seen. Like all snakes, they are cold-blooded and have to bask in the sun to increase their body temperature and speed up their metabolism.

Here is a joke from my childhood:

‘Why couldn’t the viper viper her nose?

Because the adder adder handkerchief.’

Susannah has just returned from walking Roxy and Gilbert. She didn’t find any more adders.




  1. Goodness - you don't see those very often, do you. xx

  2. I had to say the last line of the joke in my head to get it. Maybe to be classified as a dad joke nowadays.

  3. In Ohio, we do have rattle snakes and copper heads. I am never lucky enough to see either. I know to practice caution, but I am not in fear of them. They too are seeking warmth and food, not to have to defend themselves at every foot they may see.

    1. They don't prey on people but even so, it must be a shock suddenly to come upon them :-)

  4. We don't have any snakes here in New Zealand (thank goodness) & I well remember gardening in Australia for my Aunty when she said to me "be careful there Julie - there was a snakes next last time I gardened there"! I was very nearly on the next flight home!!!

  5. Goodness, what a thing to hear.
    There aren't any snakes in Ireland, either.


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