Wednesday 7 June 2023

Insecure Writers’ Support Group


Insecure Writers’ Support Group


IWSG is the brain child of Alex Cavanaugh. It is a place for all writers, of whatever stripe, to express themselves. This month’s co-hosts are  Patricia Josephine, Diedre Knight, OlgaGodim, J. Lenni Dorner and Cathrina Constantine. See other posts here                                                                 

The optional question this month is ‘If you ever did stop writing, what would you replace it with?’

The question assumes that the reader spends a good deal of time writing. Taking it to its logical conclusion, that is largely true, if one counts diary entries, tutoring a grandchild, writing plant labels, but actual good, honest, down-to-earth creative writing? (Can creative writing be ‘down-to-earth’?)

Technical writing, explanatory leaflets, recipes, instructions, court orders, musical manuscripts, lesson plans, love letters, emailed complaints to the local authority are all legitimate forms of writing but are they what we mean by ‘writing’?

I digress, as usual. If I ever stopped writing I would spend time walking the dogs, playing the piano, reading, doing jigsaws and cross stitch, bird watching, stargazing, taking photographs, but I do all those things anyway. So there you have it – I don’t spend much time writing, at least, not as much as I could.

 I admire those disciplined souls who dedicate their lives to their craft and understand that that is why they publish their work while I daydream and dabble at the edges of what would undoubtedly be a stellar career (insert ‘wink’ emoticon) I’ll never stop writing and thinking about writing and dreaming about writing.


  1. This was a fun post to read! Bet you're an awesome grandma, dog owner, and friend!

  2. I don't write as much as others, only the weekly words for Wednesday challenge, although some of the stories (parts of stories) tend to ramble on, and others are barely a few short paragraphs, but if I ever stopped, I would just spend my time reading more books, as I did before I had a computer.

    1. You have to read to write, so it's time never wasted :-)

  3. For decades I used to prepare my lecture notes as much as needed, and no more. Then some terrible things happened and life changed - my mother died hideously, I had heart surgery, Covid struck and I retired - all within 3 years.

    Since then I have found that full time writing, based on my old lecture notes and more recent journal articles, has been a life saver. My stuff now may not be high quality material, but it does grab the attention of the brain and eye sight.

  4. What a very trying three years for you - my condolences.
    Writing certainly engages the brain and it's just as important to be mentally as well as physically active.

  5. Although my writing mainly consists of my blog musings, I would miss it, as I think it gives a kind of structure to my life. I'm not sure there would be something to replace it with. xxx

  6. Hey, all types of writing are "legitimate," and creative writing can be very down to earth! Not mine, of course, but some people are wholesome. I assume.


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