Sunday 17 December 2023

Christmas greetings

Christmas greetings, austerity style.

Oh, what a mess we're in!



  1. I am watching my country with some amount of concern as well.

    1. It is said that we get the governments we deserve - where did we go so wrong?

  2. Seems like that banner says it all for our world today. Friends are in Scotland for Christmas and they are told we here in the USA are not really liked or wanted. I guess we have made many a mess in the years of war and politics.

  3. Money makes the world go round . . . dizzyingly . . .

  4. We live in hope (rather than expectation!)

  5. Well, actually, whisper it softly, the Scots don't really like anyone except other Scots. Those who do like others generally escape Scotland . . . there! I've now offended all my Scottish friends . . . former friends ;-)

  6. As I do, you live in rich and prosperous country and like here, it's about the unevenness of wealth and fairness of distribution.

  7. It is. The gap between rich and poor grows ever wider.


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