Saturday, 27 February 2010

Six Word Saturday

Been away too long - back now!
I try to keep up with blogging, commenting, regular memes, but sometimes I simply can't! After all, one of the reasons I stopped working was to reduce stress/deadlines and then found myself thinking on different days that I HAD to post this, that or the other. Daft, I know . . . but anyway I've sort of caught up now - till the next time!
Thank you to Cate from 'Call me Cate' for organising and hosting this meme.
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  1. I am there too. It can be trouble because I am supposed have a life besides!
    And I feel bad, but I have a whole post of almost 27 comments that I haven't answered. And maybe won't.
    The ones who are really highly read can in no way answer all theirs. So once a week to friends might be okay?

    Happy 6WS! :)

  2. That's good to hear. I always love visiting bloggers y'know!!

    My 6 word is HERE Have a great weekend!!

  3. Glad your back !!
    Happy 6WS

  4. ~welcome back anad happy writing...brightest blessings~

  5. Blogging should definitely not be a stress in your life. Do it for yourself, and enjoy.

  6. I am kind of new to blogging, and so I am learning all kind of new things, including things similar to the things you talked about here. It is funny. :)

  7. Welcome back to the blogosphere!!

    The swan pics above are gorgeous!!

    Happy Saturday!!

  8. I know what you mean! Apart from the stopping work part-I wish!

  9. Good to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Welcome back! I know what you mean. It's just not possible to do it ALL. But I do appreciate your visit. Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  11. Welcome back! I understand about deadlines, whether they be imposed by work or ourselves. Figure out what works best for you so you can enjoy whatever you choose.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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