Friday 12 February 2010

Snippets of news

Apparently men can now buy 'anatomy-boosting' underpants in the same way that women can buy bras that work in a similar fashion. One British department store reported a 70% rise in sales of the wonderpants in the week leading to St Valentine's Day (on Sunday 14th February, if you're wondering!)
I am intrigued. Do the men that buy such garments wear skin-tight trousers so that their 'assets' can be freely viewed? If they don't are they working on the principle that goods can be handled before purchase/consumption use? Are they prepared for the inevitable disappointment – or mirth - that will follow the divesting of said garment? Perhaps they're planning to become male strippers. Enough!

On quite another tack – and not a tacky one this time, an expectant mother arrived at hospital last week just as her baby was about to be born. She managed to press the buzzer and pass through the double doors into the foyer but could go no further as she was bearing down. Midwives quickly arrived on the scene and asked her to move forward because every time she pushed the automatic doors opened. Her baby girl was born ten minutes later by the water cooler as she bit hard on her husband's thumb. The (very discreet)  video clip clearly shows the doors opening and closing.


  1. I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for: the men who think those wonderpants will work or the woman giving birth.

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  2. Oh, I think the men - definitely ;-)

  3. Thank you for your visit. I'm just stopping very quickly as I poke my head up from the project I'm working on. Thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comment. I have to say I can relate to that woman since I gave birth in the hospital elevator.

  4. Wow. I don't know what's more amazing - the doors opening and closing on the woman's labour or those men seeking visual enhancement. Thanks.

  5. Ha! Life is indeed stranger than fiction!


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