Sunday 21 February 2010

Camera Critters #98 Feeding the birds

There is a small local nature reserve near us. It boasts a large lake and many trails. The birds are so accustomed to being fed by visitors that they swim or fly speedily across the water to anyone they see.

In this photo there are mallards, Canada geese, swans and a coot. Two young lads are attempting to hand-feed the swans. They're braver than I am - the swans hissed at me when I approached but then I didn't have any food for them!
I have only seen one pair of swans at this reserve but there are many mallards, a couple of pairs of Canada geese, a number of quarrelsome coots and I only saw one pair of moorhens. There is also a tree full of cormorants and herons which share their perching location with lots of gulls. Thank you to Misty Dawn for hosting this meme. To see more critters please click here.

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