Monday 8 February 2010

Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

The official opening of the 2010 Winter Olympics takes place in Vancouver on Friday. The problem is that while a large part of North America is experiencing blizzards and record-breaking amounts of snow there is none of the white stuff in Vancouver - truckloads are being driven in and further loads are being dropped by helicopter.
It transpires that Vancouver rarely has snow - its weather is similar to that of London, UK.
Why, then, did the Powers That Be bid for the Winter Olympics to be held there? I understand that it is a great honour to be selected as the host city and that much prestige is to be accrued thereby but to this bemused Brit it makes about as much sense as deciding to hold a marathon on Mount Everest.
Can anyone explain? (I shall quiz my niece in Vancouver, too!)


  1. I know I'm looking forward to the Vancouver Olympics. Especially the bobsledding. Cool Runnings is my favorite movie!

  2. I so wish I could explain it. :) It's rather embarrassing to be Canadian at the moment.

    However, although it's true that Vancouver gets little snow, the mountains to the north normally get lots. What used to be normal, that is.

  3. It is really surprising. Where there is no snow, people want to conduct winter Olympics.

  4. Mother Nature can be pretty fickle. No snow in Vancover? How ironic!


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