Saturday 13 February 2010

Camera Critters #97, Shadow Shot Sunday #91

Whisky was the first dog Barry and I had together. He bought her as a three-year-old for my birthday but as I was still at college she went to live with him in an officers' mess. She went everywhere with him, to lectures, to pubs, in cars. The only thing she never enjoyed was running. They would start together but after a short while she'd turn and trot back home. She was house-trained when we got her and nothing else but she learned quickly if there were treats involved.

She would sit . . .
. . . sometimes balancing a biscuit on her nose, which was brown as she was part of an ongoing breeding programme to produce chocolate Labradors. She never had puppies.
She would lie down and stay for long periods. I could take her shopping and she would stay quietly outside shops while I was inside.
One day I forgot – briefly – that she was with me but when I returned to her she was still waiting, looking rather anxious but trusting. She joyfully jumped up at me on that occasion and nearly knocked my front teeth out! (It would have served me right!!)
In those days, more than 40 years ago, we did not know of the danger that chocolate posed to dogs so in this photograph she is gently taking a finger of 'Kit Kat' from my mouth. Even so, she would not eat it until told she could and would sit with it melting in her mouth.
However, she was as greedy as any other Labrador and sucked berries from brambles, bread rolls from strangers' shopping baskets and sandwiches from their hands. It was essential to keep an eye on her while we were out with her.
She submitted to being dressed up but we didn't often put her through that pantomime and of course, we never laughed at her, only with her.
She looked and felt her best in the great outdoors and, like all self-respecting gun dogs loved water. This photo was taken in 1967, the year before our eldest child was born.
She was a wonderful dog, a worthy pioneer for all the dogs we have had in succeeding years. We often discussed changing her name but somehow never found the right one for her.
She was 16 when she died and is still remembered fondly by all who knew her.
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  1. She is a beautiful dog. Lovely tribute to her.

  2. I loved the variety of shots you shared of her. Not a runner huh. The scarf and the sunglasses is so funny. It looks like she was well loved and treasured for those 16 years. ~

  3. Such a beautiful doggie, a family member to remember. The canine is loyal, she was docile and adored her family. What a beautiful tribute!

  4. What a beautiful dog and such a lovely and fitting tribute to her! Loved reading about her! And she made great shadow shots! Hope you have a terrific weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!


  5. Very cute. It is simply not said that - "They are mans best friend"

  6. Whisky was a beautiful dog and much adored I can see. Lovely post, lovely photos. We had a Golden Labrador called Jason. We didn't know the dangers of chocolate for dogs either, as he got Milkyway's on a regular basis! Thanks so much for stopping by. I have been trying to answer comments blogging friends have left, but there must be a glitch as it won't let me publish today :(

  7. A cutie pet that always stays in ones heart forever.

    Nice shadows he shared to us too.

    Happy Heart's Day...

  8. So sweet and made me cry even more (I was already crying from another CC post). Animals are such blessing!!


  9. Super tribute to your dog from so long ago.
    When I did obedience classes with my cocker-poo, I never had to worry when labs or retrievers were near him - they are such gentle dogs.

  10. Whisky is beautiful-I love all your photos of her and your stories. Dogs and cats are such member sof the family aren't they? Andy's family had Golden Retrievers-I knew their last one Abbey. Andy once left her outside the shops when he was a bit younger and she waited patiently.

  11. Sweet post! What a great dog - we LOVE that picture of her dressed up! You can tell she loved you guys to put up with that!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  12. Whisky was a beautiful dog! Beautiful memories of you and your doggie. I had dogs all my life but when I married my hubby he never had a dog, so our first was a Yellow Lab "Sunshine". She was a wonderful dog and my hubby really loved her.

  13. What a sweet post!
    I love the one where she is laying down and the shadows are over her. Almost looks tattoed. :)

  14. A sweet dog, and lovely shadows.

  15. You have such lovely memories of her. It's amazing that she lived to be 16!

  16. I loved this post so much! What a clever and adorable dog Whisky was. I can't imagine my dog gently taking a kit-kat from my mouth. I wouldn't dare try it. I'd likely lose my nose in the process. Thanks so much for sharing these photos. They were such a treat to see!

  17. What a lovely post. She sounds like a wonderful dog. Great pictures

  18. Such a beautiful post celebrating Whiskey's life! The little moments give your time with her such beauty! Just lovely photos and commentary!

  19. This tribute melts my heart. Our pets are so much a family member. We still have a 'headstone' that we've even moved to another state with has FELINA on it...for a continued memorial to our fair furbaby!!!

    I love this shot of balancing the biscuit!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!!

    I just KNOW your day will be filled with love and laughter.

    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. I got really busy and didn't get a chance to visit with you!!

    {{{Valentine's Hugs}}}

  20. The last but one photo is cool.:)
    Lovely pet! :)

  21. My beautiful yellow lab was stolen out of his run in our fenced in back yard, but I still treasure the moments and the photos taken of him the short time we had him...what a beautiful girl she was!!! Thanks for sharing!

    My little terrier 'Scratchy' has seizures if she eats chocolate, it's good to be aware!!!

  22. Labs are such wonderful dogs ... so smart and loyal! Thanks for sharing her story. I hope Molly makes it to 16 years old ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. love that third shot with the trellis pattern on his back!!

  24. Of course you could never forget ! she shared your live for 16 years that counts, but even if it would have been only two years, we are unable to forget and why should we ?

  25. A pet just winds its way around your heart! What a loving tribute.
    And great shadow shots!


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