Sunday 21 February 2010

Today’s Flowers #81 Crocuses

Finally we have some flowers in the garden! They're not very far advanced but I was delighted to see them! Spring flowers look so delicate but are really very hardy - they grow and bloom despite frost, snow, hail and icy blasts. 

Thank you to the TF team for working so hard in hosting this meme. To see more flowers from around the world please click here.


  1. This is a lovely sign that spring is around the corner. I too was delighted the other day when I notice snowdrops in my garden.
    I like your photos especially the second one.

  2. Nice to see spring somewhere! Still under snow in Alexandria VA, but it was 62 degrees (F) in Richmond today.

  3. I love the second shot, staring down at the crocuses! Unusual, and interesting!

  4. We have them in the frontyard but ours are pink, I never thought they look lovelier in violet.


  5. A positive sign of spring!
    I love your spot focus in the second shot.


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