Friday 19 February 2010

The Fifth Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

Gus gets his toes wet . . .
Hello everyone!

It's been a funny sort of week. We went out with Tia and Foxy on Monday (their Humans were having 'half-term' – I don't think that's anything to eat but they were all very pleased to be having it) and the next day Jenna was limping really badly. She has been limping on and off and the Humans were making her rest and trying to stop me leaping all over her. She's also going bald!! Well, it's not really that bad but her fur is very thin in parts and she's chipped a couple of bottom teeth – not surprising the way she catches that fast-speeding ball in mid-air!

Anyway, the Humans decided she should go and see Phil-the-Vet so Mr H and Marnie took her on Tuesday. Phil-the-Vet thinks the hair loss might be 'hair-moan-all' – I think that's what they said. Well, when they came back they said Jenna was only to go for walks on a lead for two weeks. I thought a lead might be a bit narrow to walk on but then Jenna explained that it meant she'd have to wear a lead and not be allowed to run about. Sounds pretty dull to me! So yesterday Mrs H took Jenna and me to a place we'd never been to before, with a large lake and lots of birds. They came rushing over to us making all sorts of funny noises. Mrs H walked us all the way round the lake and took lots of photographs too. I wanted to rush about but I had to stay on the lead as well 'coz it wouldn't have been fair if I'd gone off the lead and Jenna couldn't. It was good – lots of different smells and although it rained a bit it wasn't cold. Mrs H said we must have been practising for Maypole dancing as we'd twisted our leads round and round. When we went home Mrs H took Buddy and Frodo out for a walk and I kicked up a fuss 'coz I wanted to go too. I didn't create for long – after all, I am a Labrador and we are a patient breed.

On Wednesday Mrs H and Marnie took me to see Nadia-the-Vet – she's the one who mostly looks after Frodo. When I was born I had an 'unbelievable hernia' – something like that - and Charlotte and Ali said it would probably close up on its own but Nadia-the-Vet said it hasn't so I have to have a little operation soon. I think that means I go and spend a day with Nadia-the-Vet – I'll like that.

Today, Mrs H went out early with Jenna and I wanted to go too but when she came back Jenna was nowhere to be seen. I was puzzled, then I remembered Marnie saying that Jenna had to spend the day with Phil-the-Vet, having blood tests and a skin by-topsy. It felt really strange without her and I missed her, especially when Mr and Mrs H took all us boys out for a walk. We went to the lake place again but this time I was allowed to run about and it was ever so much fun with lots of mud and puddles. Frodo and I really enjoyed ourselves and so did Buddy, even though he wound his lead round lots of trees. He can't see very well and goes in the wrong direction so my Humans keep him on a stretchy lead so he can have a bit of freedom but not get lost.

Jenna came home this afternoon and her blood's just as it should be but the Humans have to wait a while for the by-topsy results. I want to play with her but I'm not allowed to 'coz she's still got to rest her leg though she's not limping now.

What else has happened? Ooh, yes, I have a proper bed upstairs now like the big dogs and I like that. Sometimes I spend all night on the Humans' bed but usually I sleep next to Frodo. I really like Frodo – he's awesome. I hope I'll be as strong as him one day. I already weigh 20 kilos and Jenna's only 25. Frodo's 33 kilos – he's a big boy, all muscle. I think I am quite strong 'coz I nearly pull Mrs H over when we go out of the front door. I think it's a bit naughty to do that really 'coz she makes me sit and wait before we go out and before I get in the car. It's just that going for walks is so exciting. 

I am good at waiting though. I sit and wait and look and shake hands and lie down and sit again before I eat, even when I'm really hungry and Winston's about to have my food.

Tia and Foxy are coming again tomorrow 'coz Gillian and Callum are going to dog-sit while Mr and Mrs H go out. Marnie and Kiri can't come 'coz they're in a Prance Show and Paul's going to watch them. It's good though, 'coz Foxy plays with me and that means Jenna can still rest.

It's fun when Tia and Foxy come to stay. Last time they were jumping in the water all the time, chasing the ball – well, Foxy wasn't; she's not really interested in the ball. Frodo goes in the water as well and I nearly went in too. I went in up to my knees. It looks fun but 'm not sure about it yet. I expect it's all right – maybe next time I'll go right in.
Shall I? Shan't I? I want to . . . but I daren't . . .

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That's Welsh for 'Goodbye for now!')


  1. Hello Gus,
    Lily here, Sarah's cat. Now, I'm a cat and your a dog, so there we differ. However, I too have had the vets this week, only mine's not called Phil, he's called 'that nice man, wish he was my doctor' by Sarah. Although I do have to have the basket tipped vertical to get me out of it, once out, I have to admit, the vet man is not too bad. He does talk to me nicely. I tried to get behind his fridge again like I did last time but he had moved stuff and I couldn't.
    Anyway, I hope Jenna is ok and that your op. goes ok.

  2. Hi Gus, I do hope that surgery will go well with you. I've had quite a little bit and the worst thing for me is wearing that halo around my neck and face. Jim cut it down as I didn't need one as big as the vet gave me.

    It is nice to have your own bed. Could you get Janice to post a picture for us? Some of my beds are pictured on Jim's blog.

    Hang in there, Jim hasn't heard from Janice in a bit,

  3. Lily, Monty's a bit like you 'coz he gets scared but Winston really is a big pussy-cat! I hope you're all right now - I know you weren't very well a little while ago.
    Adi, Monty Ocicat says he knows how you feel about the collar - he had one and it made eating really difficult. Tell Jim Janice will look out some photos and she's going to look at your beds now :-)

  4. Good boy, Gus, for practicing your patience, even though you are already good at it, right. Jenna needs just a bit more time to heal. Hopefully she's OK!

  5. Thank you Stine - if you could see her you wouldn't think there's anything wrong with her now. Just an occasional yelp when something catches or Gus cannons into her ;-)


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