Wednesday 24 February 2010

Treo and the Dickin Medal

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
An eight-year-old black Labrador called Treo is to be presented with the Dickin Medal for animal bravery. The Dickin Medal equates to the Victoria Cross and honours acts of extraordinary courage. HRH Princess Alexandra will make the presentation at the Imperial War Museum later today. Treo is now retired and living comfortably with his handler and his family. He can enjoy the safety of home and the treat of playing with a tennis ball, his nose now needed only to sniff out rabbits.

Sgt. Dave Heyhoe with Treo
photo courtesy of BBC


  1. Interesting post.
    I believe some of the police dogs receive medals for their hard work.

  2. I'm glad Treo will be safer now.

  3. That's one hard working dog. Job well done!

  4. Isn't that a lovely story and what a beautiful dog. Glad he is now able to retire. A


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