Saturday 6 February 2010

Camera Critters #96 Nuthatch and Blue Tit

As Spring approaches the daylight hours are lengthening and the birds are wearing brighter plumage. They are much in evidence in the garden, feeding, preening, bathing, squabbling.
The other day a Nuthatch came obligingly close and posed prettily for Barry to take photographs.
This image is not quite sharp enough but you can see the Nuthatch's long tongue. I don't know what it was capturing - very small insects perhaps, though it was a very cold day when most self-respecting insects are tucked up somewhere warm - probably in our house!

This is no insect! It looks like a berry, but our holly had no berries this year and there are none on the ivy - wrong colour anyway, for either of those. Maybe it's a larva of some sort, but spherical??

Pause for thought . . .

This is how we typically see them, parading down a tree trunk. 
Then another joined it - its mate, perhaps, but he couldn't capture them in one shot. They departed and a Blue Tit flew in.

Thank you to Misty Dawn for organising and hosting this meme. To see more Critters please click here 


  1. They are both pretty birds and great photos.

  2. Excellent shots and that background blends nicely with the bird's color!

  3. JA: Love the Nuthatch, one of the birds we have in common. That blue Tit is brilliant.

  4. great photos! Thanks for sharin' 'em!

  5. What is it about birds that make them so appealing to watch, almost any bird?

    Their ability to fly perhaps, their ostensible innocence.

    These photos here are lovely.

    Thank you.

  6. Thank you for visiting LC.
    Great birds shots and it does look like a berry of some sort in the nuthatch's beak.

  7. Beautiful birds! I do wonder what the nuthatch was eating...


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