Wednesday 14 July 2010

Midweek Blues

 Midweek Blues is organised and hosted by Rebecca from 'The Dusty Cellar'. Click on the logo to see more Blues!

Earlier this month a jackdaw visited the bird table. They are shy members of the corvid family and their glossy plumage reflects the blue of the ceanothus.
Rosemary has an insignificant but pretty flower. I hardly ever use rosemary but I love to grow it - we have two bushes!
Lobelia in the hanging baskets
Another lobelia - perhaps  more violet than blue!
Nigella (Love-in-a-mist or sometimes called Devil-in-a-bush) seeds itself so generously - a joy to behold!


  1. I've got a huge rosemary busy also, but sadly I've never seen that beautiful flower.

  2. Oh I LOVE to cook with rosemary. She's so much fun...I mean it tastes great! I never knew it had a flower, we grow it to but I must use it before it flowers.

    Love in a Mist is something that just will not grow for me. I can't figure that one out. But I love it just the same.

  3. Beautiful blues. I was wondering about Jackdaws the other day. I don't think we have them round here. -- but we are overwhelmed with crows! By the way, that Lobelia is definitely blue to me -- a royal blue -- but I have so many differences with other people over what is blue and what is lavender or purple. I've never been diagnosed as colorblind, tho it runs in my family, but blues and greens seem to give me -or other people -- problems!~

  4. Your mid-week blues are very cheery. Mine is full of computer problems

  5. I love all these lovely blue flowers!

  6. Beautiful hues in these photos!

  7. You found lots of lovely views. I especially like the blue with the shiny jackdaw.

  8. You have some lovely photos here, Jabblog! The header shot is awesome with the drops in a spider web..


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