Monday 12 July 2010

Macro Monday clematis and rose

As is so often the case I've lost the labels to these clematis so have attempted to identify them using books and the internet.Neither of them are fragrant.
The closest I've found to this one, climbing through the trees in our front garden, is Clematis 'Athena' but our clematis lacks the darker veins on the reverse of the petals - any clematis experts out there? Please?
I'm almost convinced this one, climbing over one of the arches in the back garden, is Clematis 'Pille'. At this time of year it is rampant, a mass of blooms, buds and colour.
These are buds from the old climbing rose 'Mermaid', though I think it behaves more like a rambler. It has very many sharp thorns and though the buds and blooms don't seem susceptible to damage from insects, something has been munching the leaves! It was introduced to the UK in 1918.
The buds open to pale creamy-yellow single  flowers which fade to white. I seem to remember this rose having a beautiful perfume but the scent is barely discernible this year.
Thank you to Lisa of 'Lisa's Chaos' for organising and hosting this meme. Click on her name to visit and see more mesmerising macros.


  1. Very pretty roses and clematis. I have friends who remember all the variety names of their plants. And one of them has shared her secrets of how she does it. BUT, having told you that, I'm not really sure it's all that important to know the names of the specific varieties. :)

  2. All so pretty, but I absolutely love those buds, the textures and colors are just gorgeous!

  3. The flowers are pretty. You photographed them quite well.

  4. I absolutely love your new header.
    That may have become my favorite flower after your fantastic photography!!!

    Have a great day, my new and dear blog friend.

  5. Love the budding of ancient rose - do hope you can remedy the problem on the leaves!

  6. Hello-- love all the flowers!

    Wonder if your rambling rose is related to the wildrose growing along my fence line. They look very similar but the ones here don't open yellow that I know of-- they are white or pink and smell very rosy-- from several feet away even.

    Wildrose isn't my Macro Monday but I did post about it recently-- here is the url if you'd like to compare roses.

  7. I'd love to help you with the Clematis-names, but I have exactly the same problem you have. They are gorgeous though and I was almost convinced I have the second one myself, but Pille doesn't ring a bell ;-)

  8. Lovely images. The detail on the buds is fabulous!

  9. tammy - thank you! I think the buds are my favourite too - something about the promise of all that's to come :-)
    WGWoW - some plants and flowers I remember so well. You're right - it doesn't really matter so long as we can appreciate the beauty (but I like to try and get things right ;-})
    Linda - thank you! This time my husband must take the credit. On this blog most of the words are mine and 75% of the photographs are his - he's much more patient than I am - and also understands focal length and apertures and speed and noise and all that jazz. Me, I just point and shoot and sometimes score a winner :-)
    Wanda - thank you, my dear :-)

  10. Margaret - so long as they leave the flowers alone I don't mind! All things have their place in the universe and so on . . . ;-
    Lesa - my rose definitely isn't a wild rose 'cos I bought it from the nursery! I enjoyed my visit to your blog :-)
    Carolina - I'm always convinced the name will ring a bell - and it usually doesn't :-/ - and then I discover that - HEY! I've got that plant/flower/shrub/tree . . .
    oh! THAT'S what it's called?
    Kala - thank you so much :-)

  11. Oh dear - I meant EGWoW - sorry!

  12. I love all these flowers but especially that second clematis. Very pretty!

  13. Nice series. I like the second shot best.

  14. Very pretty - and that bud is just stunning!

  15. Macro shots often give amazing results, even with the most ordinary flower !
    I am hopeless with flower names, I only see the beauty, lol !

  16. Your flowers are incredible Janice, the first one on that dark background is breathtaking, but all your flowers are gorgeous. A lovely variety.
    An English Girl Rambles

  17. Your clematis are beautiful and the colors are so rich!


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