Saturday 3 July 2010

haiku my heart friday holly berries

Thank you to Rebecca from 'recuerda mi corazon' who organises and hosts this haiku meme. Click here to see more - and perhaps be tempted to join in.
Ilex 'Golden King'

Pale now, they'll  ripen
To scarlet winter glory,
Brightening dull days.


  1. Beautiful writing and photo my friend. Well done :)

  2. i love this
    looking ahead. acknowledging promise
    even where it remains for now unseen.

    beautiful haiku...
    thank you for glad you are here.


  3. This almost makes me look forward to winter!

  4. And we'll need the brighter berries more that time of year, too.

  5. Yes, they will! The promise of bright splashes of red against the gray days of winter makes me happy. Really great haiku subject matter, done well.

  6. I'm waiting for summer berries to turn!! The birdies must have planted them for me last year or has it been 3 years now?!! I can't wait to lead my daughter to them, one of her favorites, SURPRISE!BLACKBERRIES!!

  7. Beautiful! It reminds me of what we left behind. Sigh... no Holly berries in Hawaii.

  8. I am not good in Haiku, didn't even know what it was before I started blogging, lol ! But I love blackberries !

  9. The birds certainly love the berries too.

  10. I missed Friday Haiku this past week as I was out of town and away from the computer. Glad I caught your entry. I like it. Holly, in a state of growing. I guess I've seen it this way before, (I never looked for it).
    Your description is right spot on too!



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