Friday, 9 July 2010

haiku my heart friday

Thank you to Rebecca from 'recuerda mi corazon' who organises and hosts this weekly meme. To see more haiku please click here.

Fuchsia bells swinging
Gently in a soft zephyr
Look like bright fairies.


  1. You must have your romantic day, :) !

    Since you changed your profile picture I wanted to tell you that I like the new one and I always forgot ! must be Altzheimer or heat.

  2. Thank you Gattina :-)It's the heat not the other. Very hot here again (for UK)- 28c , 82f - and hotter again tomorrow.

  3. Your Fuchsia are absolutely beautiful... When we lived in Santa Barbara, CA years ago, I had two large bushes of Fuchsias and I adore them.

    Thanks for the memories. That picture would be a lovely blog header.

    You've captured the essence in your haiku!

  4. it(It) is so hit(hot)! I live(love) your fuschia hailer(haiku). They always remind me of dresses and these ones do have little fairy wings:
    Above mistakes to demonstrate the fallibility of writing on a tablet-but I scrawled and it still picked up most of it. I musn't use it though as my typing is so fast now since I have been a blogger!

  5. My mum used to love these flowers; she was very proud of them.
    Beautiful picture! Wonderful words!

  6. Thank you, folks :-)
    Sarah, lol!

  7. Great profile picture - reminiscent of the Virginia Woolf look! The fuschia bells really look like they are dancing.

  8. Ahhh fuchsias! They are my absolute FAVORITE color. This photo is just gorgeous!

  9. What lovely bell-like flowers!

  10. They are so lovely, they remind me of tiny ballet dancers.

  11. I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you how much I love your haiku. I can picture the bells blowing in the wind.

  12. The fuchsias make a lovely header!

  13. Thank you everyone :-)
    Wanda suggested using the fuchsias as a header - she's got a good eye!


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