Friday 16 July 2010

haiku my heart friday Swans

Thank you to Rebecca from 'recuerda mi corazon' who organises and hosts this weekly meme.
Swan family swims -
Parents look to left and right,
Protecting their young.


  1. Birds are good parents. This is a lovely haiku.

  2. awwWWWWWW!!! How cute and SWEET!!! My dad is in a nursing home and all the veterans love their spots at the big windows LOOKING out for the 3 swans on the river below! I wonder if they will have any little ones! I HOPE so!!Thanks! for your visit!

  3. Aren't they gorgeous!! We have some on the river, too. So interesting how the babies' color changes as they get older. No ugly ducklings here!!

    And are those parents attentive or what! I've seen them chase a bunch of Canadian geese off the pond - the male is especially ferocious looking - I swear I hear the theme from Jaws when I see him swimming at full throttle!

    Great picture - great haiku!

  4. Hmm I am trying to develop my poetry skills right now so this could be a good theme to join in with!

  5. What a beautiful photo. The water almost looks like a painting. Swans are so majestic, so beautiful and so fiercely protect their young.

    Nature is amazing.

  6. that is so true ... the parents looking left to right .... and the babies focused on what's in front of them :)

  7. how wonderful is this shot! Mom and dad keeping the kids in tow...

  8. What do we casll the young swans? Geese have goslings, swans have......? I'll look it up.
    Nice photo and Haiku. And right on, the parents do watch their young.


  9. lovely...
    so lovely i want to be right here beside it all!

  10. Wow - they're lucky to have so many babies survive to that stage. Our ducklings often don't fare that well, what with raccoons and eagles around.

  11. I love this image and your haiku- maybe because I have been feeling a bit like an overprotective parent lately:-)

  12. Ciao,
    bella questa immagine di anitre che nuotano :-))
    Grazie della visita.
    Buona serata.


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