Friday 16 July 2010

Come fly with me . . .

Next Monday, 19th July, sees the start of the biennial Farnborough International Air Show.  Farnborough has a population of around 58,000. I'm sure exhibitors and visitors to this small town are just as thrilled to attend this event as they are when they go to the Paris Air Show or the one that's held in Berlin, the Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung. Small and unexciting as the town of Farnborough is, it holds an important place in aeronautical history.
We live quite near Farnborough (okay, everywhere in UK is quite near everywhere else, relatively speaking) but we are only 8.5 miles away (18 minutes by car) so hear quite a lot of noise from the airshow and see unusual aircraft flying over. This week we have heard engines roaring, like super-thunder, and seen contrails - we presume they are 'practising'.
Former Iron Curtain countries now exhibit at Farnborough but we don't expect - or wish! - to see anything like the 1930s Russian Flying Fortresses. Below are two photographs of original fortresses.
I could not find any copyright for these photographs or the two that follow so cannot credit the photographer/s.
The two following photographs are modern reconstructions built to the original designs and specifications.
If you're interested in seeing and reading more click here. The computer graphics are interesting and so is the translation from Russian to English, though since my Russian is non-existent I really have no room to criticise!


  1. I've never seen photos of the Russian flying fortress before. Interesting.

  2. Oh geez, I wouldn't like to fly in these old things ! I will watch the Eastbourne Airshow in August like last year, it's always nice because we take a pic nic up on the cliffs !

  3. I'm surprised those juggernauts ever got off the ground! :0)

  4. I really wonder how they managed to get into the air, nevermind stay there. We live very close to an air-field and although it doesn't have a big show like yours, open day is worth seeing, usually with the RedArrows showing off their skills.

  5. The Farnborough Air Show has been going for years. I remember my cousin being crazy about the planes -- and the pilots -- back in the 40's!


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