Sunday, 29 November 2009

Today's Flowers #68 Late blooms

Barry took these photos during the week in between rain squalls. It's still relatively mild in our southern part of England so the flowers continue to bloom in the garden and the hanging baskets. The marigolds have flowered generously but are beginning to look a little bedraggled and rather too bright for the quieter tones of Autumn.
The geraniums are bright too, but are in keeping with Nature's palette at this time of year.
The flowers of the scented-leaf geraniums are not showy but are nonetheless very pretty when noticed. These plants will have to come indoors very soon when frost threatens. Unfortunately, most of the labels are illegible so I have to guess whether they're pineapple, orange, mint, apple and so on! I don't really mind - I just love the scents!
Busy lizzies work hard to earn their place in the baskets and planters. I've taken cuttings so may have some throughout the winter.
Thank you to the Today's Flowers team of Luiz Santilli Jr, Denise Gullickson, Laerte Pupo and Valkyrien for hosting this fabulous meme.
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  1. What BEAUTIFUL blossoms kissed by raindrops ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. You English people have the most beautiful gardens and flowers in the world. THe pictures of your flowers today are all gorgeous.

  4. wow..great shots of these beautiful is nice to see flowers that i haven't seen in my life yet...

    mine is here

  5. Hello Janice,
    Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers. I really like the deep red Busy Lizzie.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. This was my first "received" postcard from Postcrossing. It's fun taking part in this project and receiving surprise PCs of far away places in the mail.

  6. Thank you all, kind people, for your nice comments.

  7. So beautiful the flowers look like wax.

  8. worth visiting here those awesome flowers

    really blessed from your visit.. thanks! keep in touch! God bless!

  9. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Barry took some great images. The rain always makes them sparkle.

  10. I have to say I am jealous that these are still blooming! The blooms are bright and cheery.

  11. We would plant marigolds for my mother on Mother's Day when I was young. They are a favorite for this reason. Beautiful photos. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for posting marigolds, I have heard of it but haven't seen them. Now I know how it looks like. Thanks.



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