Monday 2 November 2009

Winston’s early November blog

Checking on things . . .
Winston here . . . p'rrrrr, p'rrrrr . . .
Well, lots of things have happened since my last blog. First the clocks went back – don't know where they went but they must've changed their minds coz they're all here again. Funny though, it's dark a lot longer earlier than it was before they went wherever they went.
After that Bethan came home for a day. It's been AGES since we saw her but she hasn't changed at all and she hasn't grown either. People usually grow a bit when you don't see them for a while don't they? The conservatory roof is not leaking at all now - hooray! It's quieter in there when it rains too – it used to be deafening with the old roof don'tcha know.
On Saturday there was lots going on. Mr and Mrs Human got up bright and early and they clipped we let them clip our claws. Then they brought some cage things in from the garage and put one in the sitting room and one upstairs. They put dog bedding in them and then left them so Frodo went to sleep in the downstairs one. Gillian and the children came to dog-sit; course, us cats don't need to be sat with. Anyway that meant Mr and Mrs H was going out but when they went, HOURS later, after Mr H had had a shower and everyone had played hunt-the-wallet-and-sunglasses-and-car-keys they come back in two minutes for some dog leads. So there they was, Mr and Mrs H, Marnie, Callum, Foxy and Jenna, a bag of food, pooh bags, kitchen roll, wet wipes, camera, ball flinger – me and Monty wondered how long they was going for. We settled down and it was ever so nice and quiet, just Dominie and Buddy and Frodo and Tia and Gillian and Kiri and me and Monty. A long long long time later they came home but they brung something back with them. Monty was in the cage thing minding his own business and Mrs H hauled him out and put the new thing in it.

It frightened Monty . . .

It was smaller than me and Monty and black and all the humans said 'Hello GUS' and 'Ahh' and 'Ooh' and 'Look' and 'Isn't he gorgeous?' and the GUS screeched and shouted in his high voice – it nearly made me deaf. Then they gave the GUS some dog biscuit and that's when me and Monty sussed he was a baby dog, a buppy and we heard the humans telling Jenna he was her little bruvver but she didn't want to know. He's been here for two days now and she's still frightened of him. That's all right though coz Foxy was scared of Jenna when she first met her and Foxy was still only a buppy herself. Mrs H says Jenna hasn't got an eternal bone in her body not like Dominie who would have been a lovely mum. Gus in the kitchen of his old home . . .
Me and Monty are really interested in Gus (that's his name) but I had to clout him this morning coz he was chasing me. I used closed paws so I wouldn't hurt him but a cat's got to keep his dignity don'tcha know. I'm a laid-back sort of a chap and I'll run if I want to not coz Gus thinks I should. Monty just runs away when Gus chases him but he's a scaredy-cat, not a big strong lad like me. Monty says it's good that Gus has come to live here coz it means we'll both get to cuddle up with a black dog when he's grown up a bit lot.
Gus spends a lot of time in the conservatory which really belongs to me and Monty but we sit in our cat tree and gaze down. I'm just keeping an eye on him . . .

He's only a buppy and he can't climb up to get play with us. He is annoyingly very noisy so me and Monty have been sleeping downstairs. We can still hear him yelling and we see Mrs H at all hours of the night taking him outside and telling him to 'hurry up' and then telling him he's a good boy. Then he charges about for a bit and after that she trudges back upstairs with him. She says she's suffering from 'sheep declaration' - she couldn't string two words together yesterday which was a shame coz Gareth and Nina and Elliot and Eve and Louis come to see her Gus and they all went 'Ahh' and 'Isn't he cute?' and 'He's so sweet'. Monty and me was quite distrusted with it all. I mean, he's alright as dogs buppies go but he's nothing special.
Now I hear that Bethan's coming home on Wednesday and Thursday. Honest, we don't see her for months and then it's two weeks running. Still, she has been working at weekends don'tcha know (for the British Broadfasting Compilation). So that just leaves Susannah but she works at weekends too (she makes telemission adspurts) but we might see her next Sunday. Don't s'pose she'll take any much notice of me and Monty though. If cats could shrug that's what I'd be doing right now. It don't matter much – me and Monty are the right size and that Gus will just keep on growing 'til he's huge and me and Monty will carry on being just right for picking up and cuddling. Gus thinks he's a lap-dog now but just you wait – he'll soon be too big. Mind you, Frodo likes laps too . . .
I'm off for a bit of shut-eye now. Gus is sleeping in the cage thing – the humans call it an indoor kennel or a pen – but it's a cage really. Quite right, too – he's a bit wild and needs to be imprisoned contained kept safe.

Gus explores the conservatory . . .

I'll let you know how we all get on in my next blog.


  1. You're all so cute. Make sure you take care of Gus!

  2. Winston responds: we will - oh, we will . . . ;-)

  3. What a wonderful pets! Gee... am drooling bout them. Unfortunately, am allergy to fur & well as hubby. SUX...

    I can hug them in spirit. TY for sharing them to me.

    Hugs to your wonderful fam...


  4. Don't let the cute factor go to his head guys. If he gets too naughty, just you let him know that cats are sharp!

    I'm sure Gus will soon settle in and let you get a bit more beauty sleep Janice.........Janice?......Janice?!........have you nodded off at the computer?!

  5. Huh? What? (wakes up with a start . . . )
    Sorry about your allergies Richie - enjoy the photos!
    Sue - how did you guess?? ;-)

  6. That puppy is adorable! You've got my ♥ right from the get-go!


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