Tuesday 3 November 2009

The First Blog of Augustus Lazarus Cooke (Gus)

Hello everyone! My name is Augustus Lazarus Cooke, known as Gus, and I am a Working Labrador. I was born on 6th September 2009 so that makes me 8 weeks and 2 days old. My Kennel Club name is Threevalleys Masterminded. All the puppies born at Threevalleys Gundogs are given racehorse names, so my sister Jenna is Threevalleys Celtic Shot and our friend Foxy is Threevalleys Imperial Call. We all have Working Champions and Field Trial Champions in our pedigrees so we are very well bred but not at all big-headed.
You wanted to know about my name? I'm Augustus because my Humans liked it. My second name, Lazarus, is because I had to be revived when I was born. Charlotte rubbed me to get my circulation and breathing going and just as she thought I was a goner I gave a big gasp and started breathing. There were only three of us that survived and we were never short of food or attention so we have grown up quickly. Charlotte and Ali played with us and talked to us all the time and if you heard me speak you would think I was Welsh as I've learnt their speech patterns. I'm known as a thinker but my Humans pronounce it tinker. Do you think they're Irish? (That's my father's call name – he's a very handsome fox red chap.)
I've been here three days now and it's a long way from my birthplace in Shropshire.It felt very strange the first night. I missed my brother and sister and Charlotte and Ali and Badger the Italian Spinone. Everything smelt different but all the humans were so pleased to see me and that made me happy. I think I'm going to like it here. My Humans are going to be very easy to train. I have an excellent singing voice; it is musical and loud – it stems from being born almost Welsh I suppose. I am very persistent and strong-minded so I think I'll soon lick them into shape.
It's a nice house to live in – lots of space to gallop around in and lots of things to chew, some of which they say I shouldn't but I have seen teeth marks on the furniture from cats, dogs and small humans so why should it be any different for me?

I'm in the conservatory and Winston's the other side of the door. I like chasing him!! Dominie's in the kitchen too - she's very old.

My Humans are very pleased with me; they say they can almost see me growing. My back legs are straighter now and I'm really very well coordinated even though I'm little. I'm tired now; I have to sleep lots so I can grow big and strong, maybe even as big as Frodo? I haven't got spots – I don't think Labradors get those but I have got a little white chin so maybe I could get spots too? This is one of my favourite places to lie down and chew - and it's near Monty and Winston as it's their cat tree!

Hwyl fawr am nawr! (That's Welsh for 'Goodbye for now!')


  1. It is very nice to meet you Gus, I hope we can be friends!

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Thank you Sasha - we can be friends coz I'm a very friendly boy :-)

  3. I bet you're going to be a handful, but you are cute.

  4. Chris - Gus says: I'm already a handful - tee hee! . . . but I am VERY cute . . .

  5. Hi Gus, I'm your half-brother! My name is Ludo (Threevalleys Porridge)and my dad is Irish too, my mom is Heidi. Pleased to meet you!!

  6. Hi Ludo (and Berkeley)- how exciting to meet a relative!I'm coming over now to see you in blogland.

  7. Oh Ludo (and Berkeley) - I can't find out any more about you coz you've gone all private. Never mind. Woofs and licks from Gus. (Can you imagine a racehorse called Porridge??)


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